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Games of Mystery: New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party Ideas

Games of Mystery

, your source for mystery-themed games, parties, and vacations, has some suggestions for your next holiday party. With New Year's Eve less than two weeks away, it's not too late to plan that special murder mystery to ring in the new year. We have three suggestions here, but visit our site for many more.

A Holiday Murder, a Mystery Party for Adults

T’was the eve of the holidays, good times was the quest.
And all were excited ‘til the murder of a guest!
The victim was discovered in a blood-soaked bed.
With a note in the hand and a wound in the head!

is set in the era of the 70s and 80s. The coolest party of the holidays includes trivia, dancing and of course, a murder! Everyone is a suspect of this vicious crime. Come join the fun!

A Holiday Murder is a simple to play murder mystery for 8-14 people. It’s a great way to move a party, have lots of fun and entertain your guests! For 6 to 14 guests, 21 and older. Rated M.

Murder Before Midnight, a Mystery Party for Adults

Also for adults is . Mark Roundim's new year parties are famous. There is something there for everyone. Great food, plenty of drink, entertainment, and a host of interesting people from all walks of life. Tonight however there is also something for the police when Mark Roundim is discovered in his dressing room -- dead.

A great choice for new year parties, Murder Before Midnight is a simple to use murder mystery appropriate for first timers. With scripted dialogue to enhance the rounds, this murder mystery combines a new year celebration with a murder. And what a cast! If you like dressing up, then this one will definately appeal to both the men and the women attending! For 6 to 12 guests plus one optional inspector, 18 and older. Rated M.

The Murder Game, a Mystery Party for Everyone

For the whole family, there's The Murder Game. This is a classic whodunit of who, where, and why for you and your friends to enjoy set in a mysterious grand home during the Roaring 20s.

Eight people have received an unexpected invitation to the ancestral home of the Nonomus family - the gangster, the flapper, the silent film star, the stockbroker, the jazz musician, the speak-easy manager, the secretary and the journalist. Everyone wakes up to discover that their host, Ann Nonomus was murdered during the night. Marooned by a snowstorm, all eight suspects are trapped and have only a few hours to discover which of their number is a murderer.

As each round of the game is played everyone (if they ask the right questions) can detect the where (there are 8 rooms), the who (eight suspects) and the why (eight different motives) of this most intriguing murder. This standard party theme can be played at any time of the year but is especially fun on New Year's Eve. For 6 to 8 guests, 15 and older. Rated E.

For more ideas on , , and , visit where you'll also find all types of mysterious fun!

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