Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New This Week: No Room For Good Men, An Ash Rashid Mystery by Chris Culver

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No Room For Good Men by Chris Culver

No Room For Good Men by Chris Culver

An Ash Rashid Mystery (6th in series)

Publisher: Chris Culver

Edition(s): eBook only

eBook Price: 99¢ (as of 01/31/2017 at 6:30 PM ET).

No Room For Good Men by Chris Culver, Amazon Kindle format

See all six mysteries in the Ash Rashid Series for $5.99 or less each on Kindle.

Nine years ago, Lieutenant Ash Rashid and a partner worked one of the most brutal homicides Indianapolis had ever seen. Despite everything Ash and his partner did, they never solved the case. They never even identified the victims.

Now, a new murder forces Ash to open a nine-year-old file on a case he wishes he could forget, drawing him into an investigation that makes him question some of his most closely held beliefs. With every step he makes, Ash finds himself uncovering truths that dangerous men would prefer to remain secret. As he follows the trail, these dangerous men act. Innocent men and women die to keep a secret hidden, and with each new body, Ash finds himself drawing near his breaking point … and then beyond.

No Room For Good Men by Chris Culver

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