Saturday, April 30, 2016

Three Minutes to Midnight by A. J Tata, New in Bookstores during April 2016

Today's featured new hardcover mystery, suspense, or thriller title scheduled to be published during April 2016 is …

Three Minutes to Midnight by A. J Tata

Three Minutes to Midnight by A. J Tata, a Jake Mahegan Mystery (2nd in series)

Publisher: Kensington

Click here to take a Look Inside Three Minutes to Midnight.

Three Minutes to Midnight by A. J Tata, Amazon Kindle format

It begins with the kidnapping of an Army Reserve officer on U.S. soil. Name: Captain Maeve Cassidy. Profession: Geologist specializing in natural gas drilling and fracturing. Mission: classified. Abducted less than twenty-four hours upon her return from Afghanistan, Cassidy's disappearance from a Fort Bragg compound is more than a security breach. It is the first stage of a large-scale domestic attack that few Americans could imagine — or survive …

Enter Delta Force veteran Jake Mahegan. The seasoned operative is on a personal mission of vengeance, tracking down his mother's killer at a drilling site in North Carolina. When he's assigned the task of locating the geologist, he can't help but wonder if her abduction is connected to the fracking magnate he's pursuing. But when a nearby nuclear plant is attacked, and then another, in a matter of days, Mahegan knows it's no coincidence. It is a brilliantly conceived, ruthlessly orchestrated assault on our homeland that no intelligence analyst could ever foresee — or stop …

When a third nuclear plant is targeted, Mahegan has no choice but to try. If he fails, our nation falls. The countdown is launched. The clock is ticking.

Three Minutes to Midnight by A. J Tata

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