Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Today's Selection of Daily Deals for Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Omnimystery News is pleased to feature a selection of today's Daily Deals found on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 7:30 AM ET …

Damage Control by John Gilstrap

Damage Control by John Gilstrap

A Jonathan Grave Thriller (4th in series)

Publisher: Pinnacle

Kindle Daily Deal Price: $2.99

Damage Control by John Gilstrap, Amazon Kindle format

The hostages are young: a bus full of teenagers on a church mission. The ransom demands are explicit: deliver three million dollars — with zero involvement from law enforcement — or all captives will be executed. But rescue specialist Jonathan Grave doesn't believe in ultimatums. For him and his elite team at Security Solutions, it's all about protecting the innocent.

Now Grave must face the chilling possibility that someone within the U.S. government has a deadly secret to protect — one that could jeopardize national security like never before …

Damage Control by John Gilstrap

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron

A Deborah Knott Mystery (18th in series)

Publisher: Grand Central

Kindle Daily Deal Price: $1.99

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron, Amazon Kindle format

Judge Deborah Knott and her husband, Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant, are back home in Colleton County amid family and old friends. But the winter winds have blown in several new faces as well. Lt. Sigrid Harald and her mother, Anne, a well-known photographer, are down from New York to visit Mrs. Lattimore, Anne's dying mother. When the group gathers for dinner at Mrs. Lattimore's Victorian home, they meet the enigmatic Martin Crawford, an ornithologist researching a book on Southern vultures. He's also Mrs. Lattimore's long-lost nephew. With her health in decline, Mrs. Lattimore wants to make amends with her family-a desire Deborah can understand, as she, too, works to strengthen her relationship with her young stepson, Cal.

Anne is charmed by her mysterious cousin, but she cannot shake the feeling that there is something familiar about Martin … something he doesn't want her or anyone else to discover. When a string of suspicious murders sets Colleton County on edge, Deborah, Dwight, and Sigrid once again work together to catch a killer, uncovering long-buried family secrets along the way.

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron

The Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal

The Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal

A Boxed Set: Books 1-4

Publisher: Toby Neal

Nook Daily Find Price: 99¢ (price-matched by Amazon)

The Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal, Amazon Kindle formatThe Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal, Nook format

When there's trouble in the Aloha State, there's one person who can crack the case — Detective Lei Texeira. Get four action-packed whodunits from author Toby Neal in this boxed set which collects the first four books in her Lei Crime Series.

The Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal

A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear

A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear

A Maisie Dobbs Mystery (11th in series)

Publisher: Harper

Kobo Daily Deal Price: $1.99 (price-matched by Amazon)

A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear, Amazon Kindle formatA Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear, Kobo format

Four years after she set sail from England, leaving everything she most loved behind, Maisie Dobbs at last returns, only to find herself in a dangerous place …

Spring 1937. In the four years since she left England, Maisie Dobbs has experienced love, contentment, stability — and the deepest tragedy a woman can endure. Now, all she wants is the peace she believes she might find by returning to India. But her sojourn in the hills of Darjeeling is cut short when her stepmother summons her home to England; her aging father Frankie Dobbs is not getting any younger.

But on a ship bound for England, Maisie realizes she isn't ready to return. Against the wishes of the captain who warns her, "You will be alone in a most dangerous place," she disembarks in Gibraltar. Though she is on her own, Maisie is far from alone: the British garrison town is teeming with refugees fleeing a brutal civil war across the border in Spain.

Yet the danger is very real. Days after Maisie's arrival, a photographer and member of Gibraltar's Sephardic Jewish community, Sebastian Babayoff, is murdered, and Maisie becomes entangled in the case, drawing the attention of the British Secret Service. Under the suspicious eye of a British agent, Maisie is pulled deeper into political intrigue on "the Rock" — arguably Britain's most important strategic territory — and renews an uneasy acquaintance in the process. At a crossroads between her past and her future, Maisie must choose a direction, knowing that England is, for her, an equally dangerous place, but in quite a different way.

A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear

The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor

The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor

A Scot Harvath Thriller (1st in series)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

Audible Daily Deal Price: $3.95

The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor, Amazon Kindle format

On the snow-covered slopes of Utah, the unthinkable has just become a nightmarish reality: thirty Secret Service agents have been viciously executed and the vacationing president of the United States is kidnapped by one of the most lethal terrorist organizations in the Middle East — the dreaded Fatah.

But one man, surviving agent and ex­Navy SEAL Scot Harvath, doesn't believe the Fatah is responsible for the attack. Driven by his professional code of duty and honor — and a solemn vow to avenge his fallen comrades — Scot creates his own rules to get some answers. But his search for the truth raises the blood pressure of his superiors … and casts his own life in mortal jeopardy. The deadly machinations have been set in motion by a shadowy coalition, comprising some of the highest-ranking officials in government and business — men who operate above the law, men who realize the threat Scot poses to their hidden agenda … men who will do anything to stop him.

Now framed for murder and on the run, Scot goes for broke and takes his own brand of justice to the unlikeliest place of all — the towering mountains of Switzerland. It is there that he finds an improbable ally in the beautiful Claudia Mueller of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office. Together they must brave the subzero temperatures and sheer heights of treacherous Mount Pilatus — and enter the den of the most notorious team of professional killers the world has ever known.

The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor

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