Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Today's Selection of Daily Deals for Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Omnimystery News is pleased to feature a selection of today's Daily Deals found on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 7:30 AM ET …

A Killing at Cotton Hill by Terry Shames

A Killing at Cotton Hill by Terry Shames

A Samuel Craddock Mystery (1st in series)

Publisher: Seventh Street Books

Kindle Daily Deal Price: $2.99

A Killing at Cotton Hill by Terry Shames, Amazon Kindle format

The chief of police of Jarrett Creek, Texas, doubles as the town drunk. So when Dora Lee Parjeter is murdered, her old friend and former police chief Samuel Craddock steps in. He discovers that a lot of people had it in for Dora Lee.

The conniving rascals on the farm next door want her land for nefarious purposes; her estranged daughter could be seeking vengeance; her grandson wants money for art school; and then there's that stranger Dora Lee claimed was spying on her. Does Craddock still have what it takes to find the killer?

A Killing at Cotton Hill by Terry Shames

Pleasantville by Attica Locke

Pleasantville by Attica Locke

A Jay Porter Novel (2nd in series)

Publisher: Harper

Kindle Daily Deal Price: $1.99

Pleasantville by Attica Locke, Amazon Kindle format

Fifteen years after his career-defining case against Cole Oil, Jay Porter is broke and tired. That victory might have won the environmental lawyer fame, but thanks to a string of appeals, he hasn't seen a dime. His latest case — representing Pleasantville in the wake of a chemical fire — is dragging on, shaking his confidence and raising doubts about him within this upwardly mobile black community on Houston's north side. Though Jay still believes in doing what's right, he is done fighting other people's battles. Once he has his piece of the settlement, the single father is going to devote himself to what matters most — his children.

His plans are abruptly derailed when a female campaign volunteer vanishes on the night of Houston's mayoral election, throwing an already contentious campaign into chaos. The accused is none other than the nephew and campaign manager of one of the leading candidates — a scion of a prominent Houston family headed by the formidable Sam Hathorne. Despite all the signs suggesting that his client is guilty — and his own misgivings — Jay can't refuse when a man as wealthy and connected as Sam asks him to head up the defense. Not if he wants that new life with his kids. But he has to win.

Plunging into a shadowy world of ambitious enemies and treacherous allies armed with money, lies, and secrets, Jay reluctantly takes on his first murder trial — a case that will put him and his client, and an entire political process, on trial.

Pleasantville by Attica Locke

The Dewey Decimal System by Nathan Larson

All three mysteries in Dewey Decimal series by Nathan Larson for 99¢ each is a Nook Daily Find. We're featuring the first in the series in this post.

The Dewey Decimal System by Nathan Larson

A Dewey Decimal Mystery (1st in series)

Publisher: Akashic Books

Nook Daily Find Price: 99¢

The Dewey Decimal System by Nathan Larson, Nook format

After a flu pandemic, a large-scale terrorist attack, and the total collapse of Wall Street, New York City is reduced to a shadow of its former self. As the city struggles to dig itself out of the wreckage, a nameless, obsessive-compulsive veteran with a spotty memory, a love for literature, and a strong if complex moral code (that doesn't preclude acts of extreme violence) has taken up residence at the main branch of the New York Public Library on 42nd Street.

Dubbed "Dewey Decimal" for his desire to reorganize the library's stock, our protagonist (who will reappear in the next novel in this series) gets by as bagman and muscle for New York City's unscrupulous district attorney. Decimal takes no pleasure in this kind of civic dirty work. He'd be perfectly content alone amongst his books. But this is not in the cards, as the DA calls on Dewey for a seemingly straightforward union-busting job.

What unfolds throws Dewey into a bloody tangle of violence, shifting allegiances, and old vendettas, forcing him to face the darkness of his own past and the question of his buried identity.

The Dewey Decimal System by Nathan Larson

The Harder They Come by T. C. Boyle

The Harder They Come by T. C. Boyle

A Novel of Suspense

Publisher: HarperAudio

Audible Daily Deal Price: $3.95

The Harder They Come by T. C. Boyle, Amazon Kindle format

On a vacation cruise to Central America with his wife, seventy-year-old Sten Stensen unflinchingly kills a gun-wielding robber menacing a busload of senior tourists. The reluctant hero is relieved to return home to Fort Bragg, California, after the ordeal — only to find that his delusional son, Adam, has spiraled out of control.

Adam has become involved with Sara Hovarty Jennings, a hardened member of the Sovereign Citizens' Movement, right-wing anarchists who refuse to acknowledge the laws and regulations of the state, considering them to be false and non-applicable. Adam's senior by some fifteen years, Sara becomes his protector and inamorata. As Adam's mental state fractures, he becomes increasingly schizophrenic — a breakdown that leads him to shoot two people in separate instances. On the run, he takes to the woods, spurring the biggest manhunt in California history.

The Harder They Come by T. C. Boyle

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