Thursday, November 05, 2015

Today's Selection of Daily Deals for Thursday, November 05, 2015

Omnimystery News is pleased to feature a selection of today's Daily Deals found on Thursday, November 05, 2015 at 7:30 AM ET …

Michael's Wife by Marlys Millhiser

Michael's Wife by Marlys Millhiser

A Novel of Gothic Suspense

Publisher: Open Road

Kindle Daily Deal Price: $1.99

Michael's Wife by Marlys Millhiser, Amazon Kindle format

A screeching hawk circling ominously above rouses a woman from sleep. She finds herself immersed in total darkness, with no idea of who she is or what she's doing here. Only two things tether her to reality: the intriguing Westerner who gives her a ride into town, and a piece of paper tucked into the waistband of her trousers, containing the handwritten words Captain Michael Devereaux, Luke A.F.B.

Soon she discovers that her name is Laurel, and Michael Deveraux is the husband she abandoned two years ago, along with their newborn son. She has no memory of these missing twenty-four months, or of how she ended up in the Arizona desert. She also has no memory of Michael — now a bitter, volatile stranger — or of giving birth to their son. But she makes her way to the remote Devereaux estate, where she begins to believe that she is who everyone says she is.

As Laurel struggles to put together the missing pieces of her life, it gradually becomes apparent that the shadowy terrors of her past pose a very real danger to her present — one that threatens her life and the life of her child.

Michael's Wife by Marlys Millhiser

Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

The Pendergast Series (14th in series)

Publisher: Grand Central

Nook Daily Find Price: $2.99 (price-matched by Amazon)

Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Amazon Kindle formatBlue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Nook format

A long-buried family secret has come back to haunt Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast.

It begins with murder. One of Pendergast's most implacable, most feared enemies is found on his doorstep, dead. Pendergast has no idea who is responsible for the killing, or why the body was brought to his home. The mystery has all the hallmarks of the perfect crime, save for an enigmatic clue: a piece of turquoise lodged in the stomach of the deceased.

The gem leads Pendergast to an abandoned mine on the shore of California's Salton Sea, which in turn propels him on a journey of discovery deep into his own family's sinister past. But Pendergast learns there is more at work than a ghastly episode of family history: he is being stalked by a subtle killer bent on vengeance over an ancient transgression. And he soon becomes caught in a wickedly clever plot, which leaves him stricken in mind and body, and propels him toward a reckoning beyond anything he could ever have imagined …

Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

A Barking Detective Mystery (1st in series)

Publisher: Kensington

Kobo Daily Deal Price: $1.99 (price-matched by Amazon)

Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis, Amazon Kindle formatDial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis, Kobo format

"I am Pepe. But you can call me el Jefe."

Pepe may have soft white fur, big brown eyes, and mucho attitude — but he's no furry fashion fad. Pepe can talk — even if his new owner, Geri Sullivan, seems to be the only person who can understand him.

When Geri takes on her first assignment for a quirky investigator named Jimmy G and stumbles over a Seattle millionaire's corpse, Pepe proves to be worth his weight in liver treats. Suspicion falls on the not-so-grieving widow, who wants to finance a reality TV show, Dancing With Dogs.

Normally, Pepe wouldn't be caught muerte in a sparkly costume. However, he has to sniff out the real killer and keep Geri safe. Lesser dogs might flinch. But Pepe isn't the kind to turn tail and run …

Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

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