Monday, July 27, 2015

New This Week: The Rig, A High Seas Thriller by Steve Rollins


The Rig by Steve Rollins

The Rig by Steve Rollins

A High Seas Thriller

Publisher: Steve Rollins

Price: 99¢ (as of 07/27/2015 at 6:30 PM ET).

The Rig by Steve Rollins, Amazon Kindle format

Thirty-three miles off the coast of San Clemente, California, a massive, futuristic oil rig called "The City" is populated with workers and even shops, apartments, theaters, and restaurants. Fully operational, there's just one problem. It has yet to strike oil. Dependent on external energy, instead of its planned wind and solar power, it becomes imperative that oil be discovered as soon as possible. The City is bleeding money … and fast. Subsidies are running out and the oil rig project is attracting the negative attention of environmentalists. The City's marine biologists, Joy Harper and Wes Canfield, are the perfect foils for each other, personally and professionally.

Joy has a thing for Wes, not that he notices. Also on the research team is Dave, their nerdy tech support guy with a thing for Joy. Their job is to dive deep under the rig and take soil and water samples before drilling commences each day. With no oil in sight, the location is scrapped and plans are made to move the rig. Enter Sheila Briggs, a meteorologist and expert on tornadoes. A senator who has her in his back pocket asks her to go to The City to check out their research. Meanwhile, an activist wants to prove that the project is an environmental disaster and, with his dubious cohorts, makes a plan to expose the debacle. Only, things don't go as planned. And, just as the danger heats up, the unexpected happens.

The clock is always ticking on this exciting adventure thriller that has an eclectic ensemble cast with different agendas and the skills, motives, and opportunities to carry them out. But which faction will prevail? And will The City thrive and survive? Will they?

The Rig by Steve Rollins

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