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A Converation with Novelist Ginny Frings

Omnimystery News: Author Interview with Ginny Frings
with Ginny Frings

We are delighted to welcome author Ginny Frings to Omnimystery News today.

Ginny's latest novel of suspense is Blue-Eyed Ruse (May 2014; trade paperback and ebook formats) and we recently had the opportunity to talk with her more about the book.

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Omnimystery News: Introduce us to the principal cast of Blue-Eyed Ruse. What is it about them that appeals to you as a writer?

Ginny Frings
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Ginny Frings

Ginny Frings: The first character I developed for Blue-Eyed Ruse was Jake Stovall, a gambler who often wins and is seeking something or someone to give him purpose in life. He is a successful charter boat captain in Virginia Beach who occasionally gets high on cocaine and enjoys the weekend ventures with his buddies to new casinos, only to see how quickly he can win each time. How does Jake keep winning? One could say he's just a very lucky guy, but there might be more to his luck than meets the eye.

Next, readers will meet Brenda Waterman, a beautiful voice teacher at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, who longs to see Brad, her successful — though frequently absent — husband. Brenda and Brad decided years ago that he would follow his dream of becoming a world renown mystery author while she continued teaching at the university and raising their four children. Well … nearly ten years has passed. The children are grown when Brad decides to come home to finish writing his latest mystery novel. Brenda and her estate manager, Naomi, consider throwing a party to celebrate Brad's homecoming. After a while, they convince Brad that this party will be like a new beginning for he and Brenda … living together once again in the same city, in the same house, in the same bed. Jake enters Brad and Brenda's lives while the couple is vacationing in Virginia Beach. Embers of a relationship begin to ignite … their paths will cross again one day. Jake invites his cousin, Justice Stovall, into the picture when one of the murders affects someone he knows. Justice is a "well-liked" politician. At times his heart appears to be in the right place … and at other times, not so much. On the outside, it's often hard to know what Justice is thinking, but I do let the readers in on some of his internal struggles. Appearance versus reality can be quite different.

This cast of characters crosses paths with many people throughout the pages of Blue-Eyed Ruse as the murders start to happen throughout the nation from coast to coast. Relationships develop and die. There is reality in this work of fiction. Life can be puzzling. Sometimes it takes another person to help us recognize the potentially spiritual side to life's experiences. My characters are intriguing. Readers will find themselves within particular personalities within the story.

OMN: Is this book the first of a series?

GF: The Blue-Eyed Ruse series launch of six murder mystery novels will include character development throughout the book series while inviting the readers to make predictions along the journey. In the final pages of Blue-Eyed Ruse, the murderer is identified, but another mystery has surfaced which leads to the opening pages of the sequel entitled Weep for Indigo — due out spring 2015. As each character tries to play a role, significant or not, in solving the series of crimes, he or she may begin to learn more about themselves, others around them, relationships and trust. Sometimes people are not as they appear to be. We all experience it. That is not fiction, it's just reality.

OMN: Into which mystery subgenre would you place your book?

GF: Good question. Writing Blue-Eyed Ruse began as a crafting of a mystery tale, then as I continued to work on developing the characters, I began to realize that some of characters were experiencing some pretty deep challenges in their lives — events unfolding which were trying them mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes even questioning their belief system or lack thereof. So, then while working through some plot twists and clues, some meant to help and some dead-end paths to draw the reader away from the truth, there emerges a message of hope. Hope? Really? This story is one of strife, murder, unrequited love … how can one come away with hope? The supernatural and spiritual phenomena that illuminate the pages of Blue-Eyed Ruse may in the beginning appear to be extraneous, but certain characters help to enlighten the crime-solving team and the readers for that matter. There is another realm at work here. We are called to answer the S.O.S. So, one could categorize Blue-Eyed Ruse as a Suspense Novel — where there is mystery in the message.

OMN: Give us a summary of the book in a tweet.

GF: Blue-Eyed Ruse begins a murder mystery series which bleeds in spiritual phenomena, suspense, and a message of hope.

OMN: How true are you to the settings of the book?

GF: Blue-Eyed Ruse is set in real locations in the United States, Virgin Islands, and Europe. I love to travel and enjoy engaging with the local culture wherever I go. I try to imagine what it's like to live there for real. So, then I am better able to accurately reveal the geography of each setting within my novels. I always want the readers to know when and where they are as the story unfolds. Editors and book reviewers often comment that my novels read like a screenplay, that is because I set and share the scene with the reader right there on the page. Readers will notice that the locations are real: the restaurants, hotels, beaches, hospitals, other places. Names of places are only changed if necessary, but that is very rare. Each book in the Blue-Eyed Ruse 6-part mystery novel series will feature 3 distinct locations: where characters live, where murders happen, and possible dead-ends.

OMN: What are some of your outside interests? And have any of these found their way into Blue-Eyed Ruse?

GF: Upon reading Blue-Eyed Ruse, the reader would suppose that the author enjoys the beach, loves to cook, and travels whenever possible … and yes, that reader would be correct! In addition to those passions, I am into physical fitness and studying to become a certified personal trainer. We are launching a new inspirational fitness reality show and excited to make a difference.

OMN: Complete this sentence for us: "I am a mystery author and thus I am also …".

GF: OK, let's think about this one. Hmmm. "I am a mystery author; thus, I am also a truth seeker." Yes … I am a truth seeker in a number of ways. As a Ph.D., I want to understand correlations between experiences and reactions to those experiences. I want to know cause and effect and how the truth will prevail in the end game. I am a mother, so learning the truth is always … well usually … a good thing  And, I am a Christian who is always seeking truth and understanding to deepen my beliefs while engaging others in evangelization.

OMN: How did you come up with the cover design?

GF: The basis for the cover of Blue-Eyed Ruse is an oil painting done by my mother, Sylvia Williamson, while we were living in La Jolla, California. Cousin, Kevin McGuire, is the graphic designer who crafted the novel's eye-catching cover. Kevin designed it using mother's painting as the background and then incorporating his gifted artistry and skills to make it pop. What a fabulous artistic pairing … I love the cover!

OMN: What kinds of books did you read as a child? And do you think they influenced how and what you write today?

GF: As a child, I read voraciously! I loved to read mysteries and biographies. So, I suppose to answer the question — yes — those genres of books absolutely did influence my decision to write both mystery fiction and inspirational non-fiction books based upon true life stories. There are elements of reality within the lives of the characters of my mystery novels.

OMN: Create a Top 5 list for us on any topic.

GF: Here are three …

Top 5 Favorite Books I Love to Read: Bible, Navigate with God, Blue-Eyed Ruse, The Tipping Point, Left Behind.

Top 5 Places I Love to Visit: La Jolla, Virginia Beach, St. Lucia, Treasure Island, Chamonix.

Top 5 Themed Meals I Love to Cook: Mediterranean, Cajun, South of the Border, Atlantic Coast, Southern.

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Ginny Frings, Ph.D. is a published author, professional speaker, television producer, and academic researcher. She leads workshops on perseverance, seeking God's purpose for your life, and communicating effectively. Ginny enjoys gourmet cooking, exercising, and gardening. Each year, she travels with her family and integrates their destinations into her writing.

Dr. Frings lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and their three children.

For more information about the author, please visit her website at and her author page on Goodreads, or find her on Twitter.

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Blue-Eyed Ruse by Ginny Frings

Blue-Eyed Ruse
Ginny Frings
A Novel of Suspense

"What a nightmare … " Jake says as one day bleeds into the next. Murders are happening all across the nation … why? Is this a series of freak isolated incidents or by design? Characters in this story cross paths … coincidence?

Maybe or maybe not … that is for the reader to determine … and decide whether to answer the S.O.S call … Print/Kindle Format(s) Print/Nook Format(s)


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