Sunday, November 30, 2014

Deliver Them from Evil, A Medical Thriller by Andrew Puckett, New This Week from Endeavour Press

Deliver Them from Evil by Andrew Puckett

Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher, promoting and selling ebook editions of works by new authors as well as bringing out ebook editions of out of print books.

We've selected one of their recently published mystery, suspense, thriller or crime titles to feature here today …

Deliver Them from Evil by Andrew Puckett

A Medical Thriller

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Price: $3.99 (as of 11/30/2014 at 5:30 PM ET).

Deliver Them from Evil by Andrew Puckett, Amazon Kindle format

Important Note: Price(s) verified as of the date and time shown. Price(s) are subject to change at any time. Please confirm the price of the book before purchasing it.

When Sister Jo Farewell is persuaded to investigate a fertility scam at a well-respected clinic for the rich, she already knows it's not in her best interests. After all, her partner in crime will be ex-love Tom Jones, they'll be posing as an infertile married couple, and the scars their brief relationship a couple of years ago have still not healed. But her curiosity — and the chance to pay off her mortgage with the fee she'll earn — gets the better of her, and soon she and Tom are playing their respective roles to perfection. In spite of Tom's marriage, and his new baby son, the flame of attraction still burns for Jo, and this is one investigation she can't wait to see the back of.

But it may take longer than she'd first realised. For this is a deadly, high stakes game, where she and Tom are mere pawns in the hands of a terrifying adversary — and someone, somewhere, has a lot to lose, and will stop at nothing to silence them …

Deliver Them from Evil by Andrew Puckett


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