Saturday, November 29, 2014

Body Market, A Ray Wilson Thriller by Andrew Leatham, New This Week from Endeavour Press

Body Market by Andrew Leatham

Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher, promoting and selling ebook editions of works by new authors as well as bringing out ebook editions of out of print books.

We've selected one of their recently published mystery, suspense, thriller or crime titles to feature here today …

Body Market by Andrew Leatham

A Ray Wilson Thriller

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Price: $3.99 (as of 11/29/2014 at 4:30 PM ET).

Body Market by Andrew Leatham, Amazon Kindle format

Important Note: Price(s) verified as of the date and time shown. Price(s) are subject to change at any time. Please confirm the price of the book before purchasing it.

The North sea, many miles from the coast of Rotterdam. Mia, a beautiful medical student from Damascus, flings herself from the helm of a ferry. For £15,000, she had been promised a new life in England, a new job and more money than she could ever dream of. In reality, her destination had been the strip-clubs and brothels of England's seedy criminal underworld. Mia is one of hundreds of young girls lured into the snare of a complex network of criminal activity. The NCA have called it Hydra: a name taken from Ancient mythology. A beast with many heads. The Hydra network spreads across Europe and the Middle East, supplying Class A and B drugs as well as firearms. For a high price, to match high demand, they also import women. To take down this national network, the NCA must send someone in undercover.

Ray Wilson, Chief Constable of the West Yorkshire Police, must gain the trust of Mike Pilling and his gang members, in order to collect incriminating evidence. But there are complications. Hydra is protected by an old trick: the honey trap. Politicians, police officers and members of the press have been bought and blackmailed at the highest level using incriminating photographs. In order to protect Wilson and the operation, this mission must be kept off the records. An accidental leak would cost him his life.

Can this by-the-book Detective work off the radar to incriminate, and destroy, the Hydra's international domination? With no protocol to protect him, Wilson is on his own.

Body Market by Andrew Leatham


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