Monday, March 31, 2014

A Kindle Mystery for $1.99: Peril for Your Thoughts by Kari Lee Townsend

Kindle Mysteries

Amazon is offering 80 Kindle Books for $1.99 has part of a promotion that extends until April 16th, 2014.

Most of these 80 books are mystery, thriller or suspense titles, and we are pleased to feature one of them, below.

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Peril for Your Thoughts by Kari Lee Townsend

Peril for Your Thoughts
Kari Lee Townsend
A Mind Reader Mystery

Kalli always imagined life would be easier if she could just read people's minds. But when a freak accident gives her such a gift, her life becomes anything but easy, especially after her best friend is accused of murder …

Kalli's a shy, slightly OCD, mind-reading fashion designer with a prissy calico cat and hand sanitizer always at the ready. Nik's a loud and boisterous half-Greek detective with a big, sloppy St. Bernard and a devil-may-care attitude. In other words, Kalliope Ballas and Nikos Stevens are not a good match, despite the opinions of Kalli's overbearing mother and the rest of her tight-knit adoptive Greek family.

So when a murder investigation brings the mismatched pair together and Kalli must use her newfound ability to clear her best friend's name, how can she explain how she knows what she knows without confessing her mind-reading ability to Nik?

Peril for Your Thoughts by Kari Lee Townsend, Amazon Kindle format


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