Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New MystereBook: The Runner by Rebecca Moisio

New MystereBooks (Mystery eBooks)

Here is a mystery, suspense, or thriller ebook that we recently found by sleuthing (as it were) through new or recently reissued titles from independent publishers during December 2013 priced $4.99 or less …

The Runner by Rebecca Moisio is a thrilling tale of romance and deception set in 18th century England. Rolling country, fancy dress and … murder?

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The Runner by Rebecca Moisio

The Runner by Rebecca Moisio
A Murder Mystery
Publisher: Rebecca Moisio
Publication Date: December 28, 2013
Price: $2.99 (as of 12/31/13 03:30 PM ET)

No estate is without its admirers, especially in a time period where class struggles are all too real. When the Wisse Estate's maid meets an untimely end at the hand of a mysterious murderer, everything is turned upside down. The ruthless Mr.Witte, estate and factory owner, seems like he would stop at nothing to protect his fortune and his daughter, the slightly-spoiled Margaret.

Enter Nathaniel Meath, a young and handsome detective in charge of the murder investigation. While searching high and low for the culprit, he begins to detest Margaret's spoiled ways. Of course, there is sometimes a fine line between detest and love, and this meeting may grow into something of more significance as the investigation continues. Whatever happens, one thing is certain — there is a killer on the loose, and he must be stopped before everyone in the estate falls to his nefarious deeds.

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