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A Conversation with Mystery/Romance Novelist Anastasia Amor

Omnimystery News: Author Interview with Anastasia Amor
with Anastasia Amor

We are delighted to welcome mystery/romance novelist Anastasia Amor to Omnimystery News today.

Anastasia's latest mystery to feature tour agent Adie Sturm is Dead Delicious (Brodt Publishing; May 2013 trade paperback and ebook formats).

We recently had the chance to catch up with Anastasia and talk about her books.

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Omnimystery News: Introduce us to Adie Sturm.

Anastasia Amor
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Anastasia Amor

Anastasia Amor: Smart, sexy — Adie Sturm. A real woman. Adie is a martial artist and tour agent who investigates murders. Her character is revealed in each novel and so are her romances. The reader can identify with her relationship conflicts, especially since the books are written through the eyes of Adie Sturm. With Adie a chocoholic there is a chocolate theme — the men are creamy rich and sinfully delicious. Like honey to bees, the men are drawn to her. If you might like her with one man and another hottie will come along to make you wonder if he is the one. Adie is a quick-thinking martial artist who improvises everyday objects for self-defence in the action scenarios. She follows the karate mantra never give up.

OMN: How would you categorize this series?

AA: Pulse-beating suspense with steamy romance and plenty of action. I don't like just calling it a plain murder mystery. It's more suspense-romance-action. There are victims and numerous suspects. The reader is challenged to find the murderer as Adie follows the trail.The action makes this book closer to a female Robert B Parker novel yet much sexier with several choices when it comes to romance.

OMN: Give us the synopsis of Dead Delicious in a tweet.

AA: Seduction and murder in steamy Cozumel. Adie Sturm fights to survive and and avenge the victims. Will she find love or will the killer find her first?

OMN: Is Adie based, in part, on any of your own personal experiences?

AA: I am a martial artist training in weaponry as is Adie Sturm. The other characters including the hot men are based on my life and encounters. Bizarre people I've met and situations I've encountered make for comic relief and plot twists. Cozumel has been a second home for me for the last twenty-five years. I encorporate Mayan culture and dieties, cuisine, festivals and ruins into the plot. I have scuba experience and used this to lend realism to the murder.

OMN: Complete this sentence: "I am a mystery-romance author and thus …".

AA: I am a mystery-romance author and thus a dream weaver. In a beautiful setting I see a murderous plot unfoil. Throw in a few weird characters and I will have you laughing and tearing your hair out. And those creamy-rich, sinfully delicious men like chocolate will have your juices flowing.

OMN: Describe your writing process.

AA: To write a mystery- romance, the plots entwine and enhance each other. The plot is developed in my head. I keep notes minimally on my characters' history. Dialogue is big in my books. It's a means for my characters to reveal their thoughts and give the reader clues for the romance or murder plot. Some of my characters are found in each book of the series. But Dead Delicious can be read without reading any of the three previous novels.

OMN: Anastasia Amor is your pen name. How did you choose it?

AA: I chose Anastasia Amor for several reasons. Anastasia means reborn and happens to be a family name. I thought it was great for me as a former teacher turned author. Amor is Spanish for love. All my books take place on Spanish-speaking islands. And there are some very attractive Spanish men!

OMN: What kinds of research do you do for your books?

AA: I am a hands-on person. My heroine scuba dives, snorkels and take out attackers with weapons. I do all of these besides talking to dive masters, Mayan experts and research using both the net and books. This novel was my biggest challenge. After several negative dive experiences, I wasn't that keen to be eighty feet under the ocean surface but I had to.

OMN: Tell us a little bit about the title and very attractive cover.

AA: I designed the cover of Dead Delicious. The blonde woman in the arms of an attractive man is Adie Sturm. She is turned away so the reader can imagine her face. The background is a palm against a tropical sunset to channel romance. The shadows hint of intrigue. Dead Delicious has beautiful victims and characters that are downright edible!

OMN: Speaking of tropical sunsets, tell us more about the setting for the book.

AA: My series is set in Canada and Cozumel. In Dead Delicious, there is a club in Toronto known for its transvestite entertainment. I was there and decided it would be perfect to introduce my characters. The cantina in Cozumel was based on my research as was the very shabby room for rent that my diver lived in. The yacht, Ferrari, and villa are based on what I saw on the island although they are enhanced. The setting in Cozumel is extremely important as I use legends of the Mayan dieties to explain events. Crystal skulls found in Cozumel are part of the plot.

OMN: Action … romance … mystery … Sounds like a good mix for a film.

AA: This book does lend itself to film. It's a very visual novel — a murder under the sea, a car blowup, a seriously expensive yacht, a Ferrari Spider, steamy sex, smuggling at night and beautiful beaches in the day. A screenplay cuts the description to flashbacks or flash forwards. My book has quick witty dialogue that would work well for a screenplay.

OMN: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

AA: My advice is go to the setting location and talk to people. It makes for bigger depth of reality in the story line. Internet is useful but it lacks truth if used on its own. A new author needs to live to write. For example in Dead Delicious, I went scuba diving for information on death under the sea. All my karate action is real and described with personal knowledge. I know my settings and describe them accurately. I was told by a reader and a reviewer that the details of my settings made them feel like they were there.

OMN: What kinds of books or films do you enjoy? And have any influenced how and what you write today?

AA: I am a big fan of James Bond, especially the earlier films. The luxury of the criminal's life style enter into my scenarios. I have wealthy powerful villians in Dead Delicious.

OMN: What are some of your outside interests?

AA: I paint and draw. One of my books dealt with art theft. Martial arts is crucial. My heroine is skilled in self defence. For research I have gone shooting to make the killer's choice of weapons authentic.

OMN: What's next for you?

AA: The Adie Sturm Series will continue, as will my fantasy-romance series. My other goals are to write screenplays and start painting again. Oh … and travel … travel … travel!

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About Anastasia Amor: Whenever I'm not writing, I'm traveling, researching exotic settings for my novels. An urge to explore brought me to beaches, Mayan ruins and castles. To create is to stimulate the spirit. My drawings and paintings have been exhibited locally. Balance is essential for my Chi. Karate and weaponry as well as Latin dancing and scuba diving keep me physically active and mentally stimulated. Fluent in German and English, I have a smattering of French and am presently learning Spanish.

After graduating from the WLU School of Psychology, I obtained a Bachelor of Education Degree from UWO and completed UW post grad courses in English, Art and Sexuality. As well as being a teacher for many years, I had careers in the hotel and travel industries.

Indulging my creative passion at every opportunity, I write mystery, contemporary and fantasy-paranormal romances. My Canadian heroines are intelligent and fearless as well as sensual.

For more information about my books, visit my website at

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Dead Delicious by Anastasia Amor

Dead Delicious
Anastasia Amor
An Adie Sturm Mystery

Seduction … Greed … Revenge … in steamy Cozumel …

When a dive group member dies smart sexy Adie Sturm investigates. Dirty deals, crystal skulls and coded bank accounts connect to a killer. Delicious men like chocolate vie for her attention as the murderer targets the victims. Who can she trust?

Martial artist Adie Sturm revs up her game only to get caught in a dangerous trap. Print/Kindle Format(s) Print/Nook Format(s)  iTunes iBook Format  Kobo eBook Format


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