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New Hardcover Mysteries for June 2013

New Hardcover Crime Fiction from the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books

The Hidden Staircase Mystery Books has updated its list of new hardcover mysteries with books scheduled for publication in June 2013. Please note that some titles may publish early, and may already be available, and some may be delayed, published at a later date.

Below we're listing those authors with returning series characters, new series characters, and non-series or stand-alone mysteries in separate sections. All titles are available on our June new mystery books page, which will become the default home page for the site on June 1st.

• Authors with mysteries featuring returning series characters (in italics) this month:

Steve Berry (Cotton Malone, 8th) — S. J. Bolton (Lacey Flint, 3rd) — Lisa Brackmann (Ellie Cooper, 2nd) — Allison Brennan (Lucy Kincaid, 6th) — Alexander Campion (Capucine Le Tellier, Culinary, 4th) — Kate Carlisle (Brooklyn Wainwright, Bibliophile, 7th) — Linda Castillo (Kate Burkholder, 5th) — Marcia Clark (Rachel Knight, 3rd) — Jane K. Cleland (Josie Prescott, Antiques, 8th) — Hy Conrad (Mr. Monk, 16th) — Susan Rogers Cooper (Milt Kovak, 12th) — Jeanne M. Dams (Dorothy Martin, 13th) — Jeffery Deaver (Lincoln Rhyme, 10th) — Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee (Books of Mortals, 3rd) — David Downing (John Russell, 6th) — Matthew Dunn (Will Cochrane, Spycatcher, 3rd) — Gordon Ferris (Douglas Brodie, 2nd) — Brian Freemantle (Charlie Muffin, 16th) — Sara Gran (Claire DeWitt, 2nd) —  Alex Gray (Lorimer and Brightman, 10th) — Chuck Greaves (Jack MacTaggart, 2nd) — Ian Hamilton (Ava Lee, 3rd) — Janice Hamrick (Jocelyn Shore, 3rd) —  Tami Hoag (Kovac and Liska, 4th) — David Housewright (Rushmore McKenzie, 10th) — Victoria Houston (Paul "Doc" Osborne, Loon Lake, 13th) — Dorothy Howell (Haley Randolph, 6th) —  Bill James (Harpur and Iles, 30th) — Craig Johnson (Walt Longmire, 9th) — J. Sydney Jones (Karl Werthen, Viennese, 4th) — Meurig Jones (Harry Lambert, 2nd) —  Michael A. Kahn (Rachel Gold, 10th) — Mons Kallentoft (Malin Fors, 2nd) — Eleanor Kuhns (Will Rees, 2nd) — Mike Lawson (Joe DeMarco, 8th) —  Faith Martin (Hillary Greene, 13th) — Jeanne Matthews (Dinah Pelerin, 4th) — Chris Nickson (Richard Nottingham, 5th) — Bernadette Pajer (Benjamin Bradshaw, 3rd) — Ridley Pearson (Grace Chu and John Knox, 2nd) — Imogen Robertson (Gabriel Crowther and Harriet Westerman, 4th) — James Rollins (SIGMA Force, 9th) — Maggie Sefton (Kelly Flynn, Knitting, 11th) — Clea Simon (Dulcie Schwartz, 6th) —  Frank Smith (Neil Paget, 10th) — Taylor Stevens (Vanessa "Michael" Munroe, 3rd) — James Swain (Peter Warlock, 2nd) — Rebecca Tope (Thea Osborne, 9th) —  Peter Turnbull (Hennessey and Yellich, 23rd) — Sue Owens Wright (Beanie and Cruiser, 4th) — Qiu Xiaolong (Chen Cao, 8th)

• Authors with mysteries introducing characters in a new series (in italics) this month:

Pieter Aspe (Inspector Van In) — Jen J. Danna and Ann Vanderlaan (Leigh Abbott and Matt Lowell) — Lindsey Davis (Flavia Albia) — Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg (Kate O'Hare) — Michael E. Glasscock III (Round Rock) — Lotte Hammer and Soren Hammer (Konrad Simonsen) — Antonio Hill (Hector Salgado) — Karen Keskinen (Jaymie Zarlin) — Scott McEwen and Thomas Koloniar (Gil Shannon)

• Authors with non-series or stand-alone mysteries, novels of suspense, or thrillers this month:

Annamaria Alfieri — Max Barry — Glenn Beck — Lauren Beukes —  James Carlos Blake — Alafair Burke — Loren D. Estleman — Meg Gardiner — Andrew Sean Greer — Donald R. Grippo — Brandon Hebert — Peg Herring — Carl Hiaasen — Lisa Jackson — Mary Louise Kelly — John Kerr — Alan L. Lee —  Roy Lewis —  J. D. Mason — Jason Matthews — Fuminori Nakamura — Seth Patrick — James Patterson and Howard Roughan — Michael Pocalyko — Kenol Policard — Royce Prouty — Lori Roy — Jim Satterfield — Anthony Shaffer and William H. Keith — Elizabeth L. Silver — Dan Smith — Jon Steele — Hank Steinberg — Chevy Stevens —  Patrick Taylor — Ingrid Thoft — Mike Uden — Andrew Vachss — Cecilia Velastegui —  Salley Vickers — Urban Waite —  Walter Walker — D. W. Wilson

For more information on any of these titles, please visit the June new mysteries page on our website. If you're interested in new paperbacks, visit The Mystery Bookshelf where you can discover a library of new mystery, suspense and thriller books, also updated with June 2013 releases.

Please visit the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books where we are committed to providing readers and collectors of mystery books with the best and most current information about their favorite authors, titles, and series.


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