Thursday, January 31, 2013

Entries Now Being Accepted for the Poisoned Pen Press Discover Mystery Award Contest

Poisoned Pen Press

It's back! The Poisoned Pen Press Discover Mystery Award! The bullet points in the headline sum up the contest quite nicely …

• Write a mystery.
• Win $1000.
• Get published.
• Deadline: March 30th, 2013.

Visit the contest web page on the publisher's website for all the details, but here are some of the requirements and guidelines:

• Open to all authors writing original works in English for adult readers who reside in the United States and Canada.
• This is a first-book award. It is open to writers who have not published a full-length book in the mystery genre.
• Manuscripts must be between 60,000 words and 90,000 words in length.
• A winner will be announced by May 31st, 2013. Entries will be judged based on their synopses and manuscript text, with the assistance of a surprise celebrity judge.

Last year's winner, No Regrets, No Remorse by R. F. Sharp, was published this past November. More details, below.

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No Regrets, No Remorse by R. F. Sharp

No Regrets, No Remorse
R. F. Sharp
A Sydney Simone Mystery

Sydney Simone, wounded herself, is dedicated to helping via a cloaked website and identity those whose wrongs can't be righted by orthodox means. First she verifies the client's story; then she accepts payment: half up front, half on completion of her work. Usually it's a form of human pest control.

For cover, Sydney works as an assistant at the Rose Madder Gallery in West Palm Beach run by Oscar Leopold. Oscar, a sculptor, has left his law practice behind. But now his former partner Roy is arrested for murdering Big Jack, an attorney with a sleazy television advertising presence. At the same time Sydney is dealing with a client who has seemingly penetrated her defenses and demands she complete a job — rubbing out Big Jack — an assignment where she has accepted, and pocketed, an unusually large fee. So now Sydney the client gives Sydney a new target and Sydney switches gears: dedicated to saving herself, Oscar, and Roy, even as she continues to operate

Teaming with Oscar isn't easy since she can't tell him all she knows, but soon their investigation leads to a complex insurance fraud scheme that implicates Roy — perhaps he really is guilty. But Oscar becomes an investigative target himself and is arrested, then kidnapped and assaulted as he tries to find the true killer.

The story ranges from the corporate offices of South Florida to the backwaters of the panhandle. The bad guys are dangerous and desperate to keep their careers, their freedom, even their lives. Oscar and Sydney, their own lives and livelihoods at stake, must up their game — Sydney may even have to reveal her game — to survive.

No Regrets, No Remorse by R. F. Sharp, Amazon Kindle format  No Regrets, No Remorse by R. F. Sharp, iTune iBook format  No Regrets, No Remorse by R. F. Sharp, Kobo format


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