Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Backlist Mysteries by Three Crime Novelists Released in eBook Format by Mysterious Press

Mysterious Press

Mysterious Press released several backlist crime novels and a short story from three authors today in ebook format.

Two "Sidney Holden" novels and one short story by Jerome Charyn are now available. Holden is a retired hitman … who simply cannot stay retired.

Two stand-alone thrillers by David Corbett, first published by Ballantine in 2007 and 2010, are also being released.

Finally, there are three "Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn" mysteries and one stand-alone novel by Charlotte MacLeod. This the third batch of books by this author being released by Mysterious Press; see our previously announced list of titles here and here.

We're providing a list of all books below, sorted by author, with a synopsis from one of each.

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Paradise Man by Jerome Charyn

Paradise Man
Jerome Charyn
A Sidney Holden Mystery

A stylish killer makes the mistake of befriending a god …

Though he doesn't know mink from sable, Sidney Holden is the most important employee at Aladdin Furs. He is a bumper, a well-dressed killer who collects the debts that cannot be paid, and Aladdin would be nothing without him. After all, fur is murder.

As Cuban refugees flood the United States, the New York criminal class is rocked by the appearance of a Santería sect that hails a young girl as the newest incarnation of Changó, their bloodthirsty thunder god. But after a routine hit, Holden finds the girl cowering under the kitchen table — a divine witness to a double murder. Unable to kill her, he takes her with him, sparking an all-out turf war so vicious that Holden will be happy to have any god on his side.

Paradise Man by Jerome Charyn, Amazon Kindle format

ElsinoreAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

At the Sudden Death CaféAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

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Blood of Paradise by David Corbett

Blood of Paradise
David Corbett

In El Salvador, a young American faces his troubled past—and a dangerous present …

Jude McManus has landed on his feet. Following time in the army, he scored work as an "executive protection specialist" in El Salvador, where he safeguards a hydrologist for good money and gets to surf during his downtime. But this slice of paradise comes with post-civil-war dangers, and distance won't erase his cruel memories of Chicago. Ten years earlier, his cop father was outed as part of the Laugh Masters, a group of police officers investigated for robbing and brutally beating drug dealers. In the wake of the scandal, the family fell apart, and his father died under suspicious circumstances.

When McManus gets a call from Bill Malvasio — one of his dad's closest friends and an escaped member of the Laugh Masters, now living in El Salvador — the past comes knocking in a big way. Malvasio opens up about what really happened, and seeks help for another member of McManus's father's old crew. Is the disgraced ex-cop being straight with McManus? Hidden corruption abounds, and it will take all of McManus's wits to come away with the truth — and his life — intact.

Blood of Paradise by David Corbett, Amazon Kindle format  Blood of Paradise by David Corbett, iTunes book format  Blood of Paradise by David Corbett, Kobo ebook format

Do They Know I'm Running?Amazon | iTunes | Kobo

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The Withdrawing Room by Charlotte MacLeod

The Withdrawing Room
Charlotte MacLeod
A Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn Mystery (2nd in series)

Newly widowed Sarah opens a boardinghouse … where death comes to stay …

Though the inheritance from her dearly departed Alexander was meant to set Sarah Kelling up for life, it vanishes quickly in the face of hounding from charitable organizations and the IRS. Facing the loss of her stately Back Bay brownstone, Sarah opens her home to lodgers — deciding she prefers a boardinghouse to the poorhouse. Soon she is cooking meals and serving tea for a cast of quirky residents, a cozy little family that would be quite happy were it not for the unpleasant presence of a certain Barnwell Augustus Quiffen — a man so rude that no one really minds when he is squashed beneath a subway car.

Sarah replaces her lost boarder quickly, and the family dynamic is restored. But when another lodger dies suddenly, the boardinghouse appears to be cursed. Now it will take more than a glass of sherry to soothe Sarah's panicked residents, and she must turn to detective Max Bittersohn for help before her boarders bolt.

The Withdrawing Room by Charlotte MacLeod, Amazon Kindle format  The Withdrawing Room by Charlotte MacLeod, iTunes book format  The Withdrawing Room by Charlotte MacLeod, Kobo ebook format

(4th) The Bilbao Looking GlassAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(5th) The Convivial CodfishAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(Non-Series) The Terrible TideAmazon | iTunes | Kobo


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