Monday, October 29, 2012

Love Has Nothing To Do With It by Peter S. Fischer is Today's Sixth Featured Free MystereBook

Love Has Nothing To Do With It by Peter S. Fischer

MystereBooks is pleased to feature Love Has Nothing To Do With It by Peter S. Fischer as today's sixth free mystery ebook (Kindle format only).

This title was listed as free as of the date and time of this post. Prices are subject to change without notice. The price displayed on the vendor website at the time of purchase will be the price paid for the book. Please confirm the price of the book before completing your transaction.

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Love Has Nothing To Do With It by Peter S. Fischer

Love Has Nothing To Do With It
Peter S. Fischer
The Hollywood Murder Mysteries
Publisher: The Grove Point Press

Joe Bernardi's ex-wife Lydia is in big, big, trouble.

On a Sunday evening she gets a panic call from one time lover Tyler Banks to bring an envelope from his beach house safe to his office. When she arrives he is visibly frightened and orders her to leave but once outside the building, she hears a shot. She runs back inside and finds Tyler dead on the floor and the envelope missing. She races from the office into the night, fearing for her life and unwilling to trust the cops. She goes into hiding even as the police instigate a city wide search for her. Even though Joe has found a new love in reporter Bunny Lesher, he feels he cannot abandon his former wife.

Convinced that she is innocent, he enlists the help of his pal, Lawyer Ray Giordano, and bail bondsman Mick Clausen, to prove Lydia's innocence, even as his assignment to publicise Jimmy Cagney's comeback movie for Warner Brothers threatens to take up all his time and Bunny's fear of losing Joe to his ex-wife endangers their relationship.

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Important Note: This book was listed for free on the date and time of this post. Prices can and do change without prior notice. Please confirm the price of the book before completing your purchase.

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  1. As someone who frequently catches up on blog reading on a mobile device I am not fond of the new blog feed. I often "download" my reads when I'm on wi-fi and then read while out and about where I may not have wi-fi access. Not having the full posts, especially of the free books is frustrating. If you insist on continuing in this manner, could you at least give us a little useful information in what does post the feed like the type of mystery (procedural, cozy, suspense etc.) and the formats it is available in for free? Then I know ahead of time if it is worth the data to continue on to the whole post or not. Thanks for the consideration!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. We already indicate the format in the first paragraph of the post. We'll try to add a bit more information about subgenre as well.

  2. I need a brief discription of the plot in the email you send on the free books. I still have slow dial up, and it takes 20min for my computer to load each of these pages. This is AWFUL for me. Please I am losing more and more access because I can only afford dial up. Don't take my access to info about free books too.
    Help! please.


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