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Mysterious Press Releases 14 Charlotte MacLeod Cozy Mysteries in eBook Format

Mysterious Press

Mysterious Press released nine mysteries in the "Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn" series by Charlotte MacLeod this week, together with the five of the mysteries in the "Madoc and Janet Rhys" series, also by Charlotte MacLeod writing as Alisa Craig, all in ebook format.

Charlotte MacLeod (1922–2005) was the bestselling author of cozy mysteries. Born in Canada, she moved to Boston as a child, and lived in New England most of her life. After graduating from college, she made a career in advertising. In her spare time, MacLeod wrote short stories, and in 1964 published her first novel, a children's book called Mystery of the White Knight.

MacLeod introduced her first series character, Professor Peter Shady, in 1978 in Rest You Merry. A horticulturist and amateur sleuth, he would appear in ten mysteries. The following year, 1979, marked the first appearance of two sleuths in a new series: the husband and wife team of Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn, who were featured in twelve mysteries. But MacLeod also wrote two series under the pen name of Alisa Craig, one featuring Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Madoc Rhys and his wife Janet; and the other featuring a garden club in Ontario, the Grub and Stakers. This is all in addition to numerous stand-alone titles!

We're providing a list of the nine mysteries being released this week by Mysterious Press in the "Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn" series and the five mysteries in the "Madoc and Janet Rhys" series below, with a synopsis from the first in each.

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The Family Vault by Charlotte MacLeod

The Family Vault
Charlotte MacLeod
A Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn Mystery (1st in series)

A mislaid corpse strikes terror in the hearts of Boston's strangest family …

Like many old New England families, the Kellings live to die. Although their family vault is spacious and comfortable, for Sarah Kelling's Great-Uncle Frederick it will not do. In his will, he demands to be buried inside the ancient family tomb at Boston Common, which hasn't admitted a new member in over a century. But when the Kellings crack the old vault's door, they find a recently built brick wall. And behind it lays a surprisingly fresh corpse—a skeleton with rubies in its teeth.

Her name was Ruby Redd, and many years ago she was the toast of Boston's burlesque scene. Her murder case is ice cold, but when Sarah begins investigating it, she finds that the burning passions behind this beauty's death still burn white hot. With the help of art-fraud investigator Max Bittersohn, she will solve the stripper's murder, or take her own place in the family vault.

The Family Vault by Charlotte MacLeod, Amazon Kindle format  The Family Vault by Charlotte MacLeod, iTunes book format  The Family Vault by Charlotte MacLeod, Kobo ebook format

(3rd) The Palace GuardAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(6th) The Plain Old ManAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(7th) The Recycled CitizenAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(8th) The Silver GhostAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(9th) The Gladstone BagAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(10th) The Resurrection ManAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(11th) The Odd JobAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(12th) The Balloon ManAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

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A Pint of Murder by Charlotte MacLeod

A Pint of Murder
Charlotte MacLeod
A Madoc and Janet Rhys Mystery (1st in series)

A killer wielding poisonous green beans terrorizes a small Canadian town …

Agatha Treadway has done her own preserving ever since the day her husband was done in by a can of supermarket tomatoes. And after four vigilant decades canning everything from peaches to spinach, it is her own green beans that kill her. Inspecting the fatal jar, Janet Wadman finds it has been tampered with, so that toxic botulism was allowed to seep in. But before she can tell the town doctor that Mrs. Treadway was murdered, the doctor joins the widow in untimely death.

To investigate, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sends Madoc Rhys, a Mountie who doesn't look the part. Masquerading as a relative, this squat Welshman helps Janet dig into the town's dark side. And what they find is a deadly secret that proves even more poisonous than botulism.

A Pint of Murder by Charlotte MacLeod, Amazon Kindle format  A Pint of Murder by Charlotte MacLeod, iTunes book format  A Pint of Murder by Charlotte MacLeod, Kobo ebook format

(2nd) Murder Goes MummingAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(3rd) A Dismal Thing To DoAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(4th) Trouble in the BrassesAmazon | iTunes | Kobo

(5th) The Wrong RiteAmazon | iTunes | Kobo


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