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Chasing New Frontiers by David Smith is Today's Third Featured Free MystereBook

Chasing New Frontiers by David Smith

MystereBooks is pleased to feature Chasing New Frontiers by David Smith as today's third free mystery ebook (Kindle format only).

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Chasing New Frontiers by David Smith

Chasing New Frontiers
David Smith
A Hidden Mickey Mystery
Publisher: Synergy Books

After Blain Walters, a twenty-three year old charismatic Disneyland Cast Member, meets Missy Johansen, a beautiful, adventuresome Swiss visitor to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom, together the young couple stumble upon a very old wallet while exploring a secret location at Disneyland … a wallet whose owner, they discover, was connected to a brazen robbery at Disneyland many decades before — a robbery that had yet to be solved. In addition to a large sum of money, the unique and mysterious pendant of Walt Disney's was also taken, a pendant that had just recently been recovered from a previous theft and subsequent paid ransom.

The owner of the lost wallet, Nathan Duncan, an unscrupulous landscaper at Disneyland, unexpectedly died while being pursued by Disneyland Security after he is suspected in the disappearance of the money and the seemingly predestined pendant. Duncan's sudden death literally buried any chance of finding the stolen money or the priceless and legendary red-diamond pendant.

Forty-four years after Duncan's demise, Blain and Missy discover that the found wallet literally holds the key to a trail of lost clues. Each deciphered clue, in turn, leads Blain and Missy on a quest to find interwoven pieces of a nearly half-century old puzzle, a puzzle that may reveal where the lost Disney cache is hidden.

Adding to the intrigue, Blain is unaware that Missy is in reality — and incognito — the rising international pop star from Switzerland, Malaysia Hosner, who has just kicked off her first U.S Concert Tour in Southern California. In addition to tracking down decades-old clues, Blain and Malaysia find themselves seeking to follow their hearts as they find a real connection with each other while delving deeper and deeper into this long-forgotten mystery.

How long can Malaysia keep her identity a secret? Where do the cryptic clues lead? Who else is seeking the long-lost Disney fortune? What kind of relationship, if any, can be forged through the adventure Blain and Malaysia share? And, what magic does the Magic Kingdom indeed have in store for the two passionate explorers?

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Important Note: This book was listed for free on the date and time of this post. Prices can and do change without prior notice. Please confirm the price of the book before completing your purchase.

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