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First Clues, Mysteries for Kids: New Titles for July 2011

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids is pleased to announce a selection of new mystery, suspense and thriller books (including series books) scheduled for publication during July 2011, listed in approximate order of reading level, from books for younger readers to books for teens.

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Jasmine and the Treasure Chest by Katy Kit

Jasmine and the Treasure Chest More Information about the book
Katy Kit
The Mermaid Mysteries (2nd in series)

The friends volunteer to help the water fairies tend to their underwater gardens. While they work, a fairy tells the sad tale of the beautiful mermaid Aroona and her human love, Sir Topaz. All the mermaids believe the tale — except for Jasmine, who thinks its just a silly story. But when Jasmine discovers the trail that leads to Aroona's lost treasure, she sets off to discover the truth.

The Mermaid Mysteries are recommended for readers aged 4 to 6.

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The Case of the Purple Pool by Lewis B. Montgomery

The Case of the Purple Pool More Information about the book
Lewis B. Montgomery
A Milo and Jazz Mystery (7th in series)

How can a pool suddenly turn purple? And who could be behind it? Detective duo Milo and Jazz make a splash as they investigate their most colorful case yet!

The Milo and Jazz mysteries are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

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The Case of the Beagle Burglar by Nancy Krulik

The Case of the Beagle Burglar More Information about the book
Nancy Krulik
Jack Gets a Clue (1st in series)

The day I found out I could talk to animals did not start out well. First, I couldn't find my lucky T-shirt. Second, my dog, Scout, dragged me around the yard chasing squirrels. And third, the squirrels threw a bunch of acorns at my head. After I was hit, I realized I could talk to animals! It sounds crazy but it's true. I could understand Scout, the squirrels, and every other animal — even bugs!

My day got even worse when my best friend Leo's homework went missing. Leo blamed Scout! I know Scout's a dog, but trust me — he did not eat Leo's homework. But how would I prove it? There was only one thing to do — I had to talk to the animals around town. It was up to me, Jack Doyle, to get a clue and solve the mystery.

Jack Gets a Clue books are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

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The Case of the Tortoise in Trouble by Nancy Krulik

The Case of the Tortoise in Trouble More Information about the book
Nancy Krulik
Jack Gets a Clue (2nd in series)

Yeah! My third grade class was going on a field trip to a farm, and I couldn’t wait for a day off from regular school. But I wasn’t expecting to hear a voice coming from my backpack during the bus ride to the farm. It turns out my annoying little sister had hidden her pet tortoise, Tut, inside, and the voice was his! It’s true — I can talk to animals, and they can talk to me.

As if babysitting a tortoise wasn’t bad enough, things got worse when Tut disappeared. My mystery-solving partner, Elizabeth, and I had to interview all the cows, horses, goats, and flies on the farm as we looked for clues. It was up to us to find Tut before the end of the day, and we were on the case!

Jack Gets a Clue books are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

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The L.A. Dodger by David A. Kelly

The L.A. Dodger More Information about the book
David A. Kelly
A Ballpark Mystery (3rd in series)

It's spring break and Kate and Mike are off to Los Angeles to visit Kate's dad, a scout for the Dodgers. But all is not sunny in L.A. — strange things have been happening to Kate's dad. Pages have gone missing from his clipboard. He's gotten threatening phone calls. And he thinks he's being followed! Is someone after Mr. Hopkins's top secret scouting reports?

The L.A. Dodger includes a fun fact page about Los Angeles's Dodger Stadium.

The Ballpark Mystery series books are recommended for readers aged 7 to 9.

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Vanished by Sheela Chari

Vanished More Information about the book
Sheela Chari

Eleven-year-old Neela dreams of being a famous musician, performing for admiring crowds on her traditional Indian stringed instrument. Her particular instrument used to be her grandmother’s — made of warm, rich wood, and intricately carved with a mysterious-looking dragon.

When this special family heirloom vanishes from a local church, Neela is devastated. As she searches for it, strange clues surface: a teakettle ornamented with a familiar-looking dragon, a threatening note, a connection to a famous dead musician, and even a legendary curse. The clues point all the way to India, where it seems that Neela's intrument has a long history of vanishing and reappearing. If she is able to track it down, will she be able to stop it from disappearing again?

This book is recommended for readers aged 10 to 12.

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The Wizard of Dark Street by Shawn Thomas Odyssey

The Wizard of Dark Street More Information about the book
Shawn Thomas Odyssey

Oona Crate was born to be the Wizard’s apprentice, but she has another destiny in mind.

Despite possessing the rare gift of natural magic, Oona wants to be a detective. Eager for a case to prove herself, she wants to show her uncle — the Wizard of Dark Street — that logic is as powerful as magic. But when someone attacks the Wizard, Oona must delve even deeper into the world of magic to discover who wanted her uncle dead.

This book is recommended for readers aged 10 to 12.

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The Spaghetti Detectives by Andreas Steinhofel

The Spaghetti Detectives More Information about the book
Andreas Steinhofel

Sometimes Rico acts a bit odd — his mom calls him a "proddity" — but he's genius at noticing little things nobody else does. Like a string of spaghetti stuck to the sidewalk. Or the big buckteeth of that boy in the blue motorcycle helmet. Or the strange behavior of the neighbors in his apartment building.

Oscar is a true prodigy, with a high IQ and high anxieties to match. He's the one who wears the blue helmet — to protect his precious brain! Oscar may have a lot of book smarts, but he needs Rico's help to face his biggest fears. And when other kids mysteriously start going missing, it's up to the two friends to use their noodles, keep track of the clues, and crack the case!

This mystery is recommended for readers aged 10 to 12.

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Spiders on the Case by Kathryn Lasky

Spiders on the Case More Information about the book
Kathryn Lasky
The Deadlies Mysteries (2nd in series)

Can Jo Bell spin a web big enough to catch ... a criminal?

They're sweet and friendly ... but they just happen to be super toxic. The Deadlies are the world's most misunderstood family of spiders. Kicked out of home after home, all the Deadlies want is to settle down in a cozy web with no exterminators around.

Now they've found the perfect place — the Rare Books room at the Boston Library. The librarian isn't afraid of the Deadlies, and they have lots of lovely books to explore. But their peace is threatened when a thief starts targetting the library. Can the Deadlies spin a web big enough to catch a crook — or is it back on the road once more?

The books in the Deadlies series are recommended for readers aged 10 to 12.

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Into the Trap by Craig Moodie

Into the Trap More Information about the book
Craig Moodie

Eddie's family has been trapping lobsters for generations. but lately someone has been stealing their catch. When Eddie happens across the thieves' trap, he knows it's up to him to bring in the culprits. With the unlikely help of a boy who has run away from sailing camp, Eddie embarks on an adventure that puts his very life at risk.

This tale of adventure is recommended for readers aged 13 and older.

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First Clues: Mysteries for Kids is your source for information on over 200 mystery series for children and young adults, where each series is conveniently listed under four different age categories (New Sleuths, ages 4 to 6; Future Sleuths, ages 7 to 9; Sleuths in Training, ages 10 to 12; and Apprentice Sleuths, ages 13 and older).


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