Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Clues, Mysteries for Kids: New Titles for December 2010

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids is pleased to announce a selection of new mystery, suspense and thriller books (including series books) scheduled for publication during December 2010, listed in approximate order of reading level, from books for younger readers to books for teens.

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Big Boys Don't Spy by K. E. M. Johnston

Big Boys Don't Spy More Information about the book
K. E. M. Johnston

Set in the suburbs of Washington DC, with the CIA Headquarters around the corner, 12-year-old Will Wand, Agent 003.5, has his first assignment -- to save the world, or at least to uncover the mole in his mother's advertising company. Will strongly suspects his bossy, annoying cousin Penelope, visiting from the U.K., is a double agent, and when he finds her diary written in code, he knows he's onto something ... but if you hear any more, he'll have to kill you (or at least confiscate your Star Wars walkie-talkie).

This book, which may be the start of a new series, is recommended for readers aged 10 to 12.

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Vampire Slayer: A Vampire's Kiss by Stefan Petrucha and Sarah Kinney

Vampire Slayer: A Vampire's Kiss More Information about the book
Stefan Petrucha and Sarah Kinney
Nancy Drew: The New Case Files

The Girl Detective has been locked in a large estate with Gregor, the young man whom everyone suspects of being a vampire, only to learn he has a rare disease that won’t allow him to venture outside during the day. While Nancy’s friends George and Bess and boyfriend Ned are locked outside the estate, Nancy and Gregor are trapped inside with a crazed woman who believes Gregor is a real vampire, and that she must destroy him!

Nancy Drew: The New Case Files graphic mysteries are recommended for readers aged 10 and older.

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Conspiracy 365: December by Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365: December More Information about the book
Gabrielle Lord
The Conspiracy 365 Series

The final entry in this 12 volume series of thrillers.

On New Year's Eve, Callum Ormond is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning: They killed your father. They'll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days. Cal is fighting for his sister's life. But nobody believes the "psycho kid" and he's running out of people he can trust. He doesn't even know which of his enemies he's facing. How many hard-won treasures will he have to relinquish in return for his sister's safety?

The Conspiracy 365 Series is recommended for readers aged 13 and older.

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First Clues: Mysteries for Kids is your source for information on over 200 mystery series for children and young adults, where each series is conveniently listed under four different age categories (New Sleuths, ages 4 to 6; Future Sleuths, ages 7 to 9; Sleuths in Training, ages 10 to 12; and Apprentice Sleuths, ages 13 and older).


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