Sunday, September 19, 2010

Telemystery: A New Season of Prime Time Crime begins Monday, September 20th

Telemystery: Mystery and Suspense on Television

A new season of prime time crime starts tomorrow, Monday September 20th. For the next week, we'll be highlighting some of the new and returning series that may be of interest to fans of mystery and suspense television programming.

ABC: Castle returns for a third season at 10 PM (ET/PT) in an episode titled "A Deadly Affair". NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) hasn't heard from Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) since he left for the Hamptons months ago to finish writing his second Nikki Heat novel, Naked Heat. The most Beckett, Ryan and Esposito have seen of Castle is a bookstore standee of him advertising an upcoming book signing. So when Beckett and her team burst into a shadowy apartment on the trail of a murderer, the last thing they expect to see is the real-life Castle standing over a dead woman's body holding a gun. As Castle protests his innocence, Beckett has no choice but to arrest him on suspicion of murder. (Note: Naked Heat hits bookstores on September 28th, and is available to pre-order.)

CBS: The pilot episode of Hawaii Five-O, an updated version of the original series that ran for 12 seasons on the network from 1968 through 1980, premieres at 10 PM (ET/PT). Upon returning to Hawaii to investigate his father's murder, decorated Naval officer Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) is recruited by the Governor to head up an elite new police task force -- his rules, her backing, no red tape. Their first case involves tracking a weapons dealer connected to McGarrett's father's murder. The series also stars Scott Caan as Danny "Danno" Williams, Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly, and Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua.

Fox: The pilot episode of Lone Star airs at 9 PM (ET/PT). Robert/Bob Allen (James Wolk) is a charismatic and brilliant schemer who has meticulously constructed two lives in two different parts of Texas. As "Bob," he lives in Houston and is married to Cat (Adreianne Palicki), the beautiful daughter of Clint Thatcher (Jon Voight), the patriarch of an ultra-wealthy Texas oil family. More than 400 miles away in the suburban west Texas town of Midland, he's "Robert," living a second life with his sweet, naïve girlfriend, Lindsay Holloway (Eloise Mumford). There he plays the perfect boyfriend while secretly bilking local investors of their savings. While in Houston, he's a devoted husband, charming Cat and her family to cement his position in the rich family business he aims to clean out. Now caught between a father-in-law who wants to hand him the company business and a father (David Keith) who wants him to take it all, Bob has to weigh the risks and make a choice.

NBC: The pilot episode of The Event premieres at 9 PM (ET/PT) in an episode titled "I Haven't Told You Everything". Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) stumbles into a national conspiracy after his girlfriend Leila mysteriously disappears from a Caribbean cruise. Elsewhere, President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) is scheduled to announce the release of a group of detainees led by Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes) -- despite the disapproval of his Director of National Intelligence, Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek). Their futures are on a collision course in a global conspiracy that could ultimately change the fate of mankind.

NBC: The pilot episode of Chase follows at 10 PM (ET/PT). Cowboy boot-wearing U.S. Marshal Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish) is on the hunt for dangerous fugitive Mason Boyle. The members of Frost's elite team who help her anticipate Boyle's moves and track him down include true American cowboy Jimmy Godfrey (Cole Hauser), intelligence specialist Marco Martinez (Amaury Nolasco), weapons/tactical specialist Daisy Ogbaa (Rose Rollins), and the newest member of the team, Luke Watson (Jesse Metcalfe).


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