Monday, August 30, 2010

Disney Guilty Party: Mystery Fun for Everyone, Exclusively for Nintendo Wii

Mystery Tales: Time Travel
Disney Guilty Party (Nintendo Wii)

Disney Guilty Party is a fun and hilarious mystery party game, exclusively for Wii.

Friends and family play as the savvy sleuths of the world-famous Dickens Detective Agency to investigate a series of crimes and identify the guilty party. Explore a variety of mysterious locations -- each with a unique twist.

The Wii Remote is used to collect clues and interrogate suspects via fun pick-up-and-play minigames. With enough evidence gathered, players can identify the guilty party and solve the case -- but the Dickens Detective Agency has many enemies, and there's always another suspect lurking in the shadows ...

Meet the detectives:

Disney Guilty Party: Dorian Dickens

Dorian Dickens, AKA "The Commodore"

Through hard work and an impressive knack for mystery-solving, Dorian "The Commodore" Dickens built his family into the finest detective agency in the world. He loves his job, but finds himself increasingly tempted to stay home -- perhaps with a nice bowl of pudding -- and let his family do the sleuthing.

Disney Guilty Party: Olivia Dickens

Olivia Dickens

Back when the Dickens Detective Agency was still a one-man operation, Olivia applied for a job as a typist and ended up marrying the CEO. Although not technically a detective, her motherly advice and affection make her a critical part of the agency.

Disney Guilty Party: Max Dickens

Max Dickens

The Commodore's son didn't want to be a detective; his true calling was the theatrical stage. However, after working in the family business for several years, a hardboiled gumshoe is still the only role he knows how to play.

Disney Guilty Party: Ling-Ling Johnson

Ling-Ling Johnson

Growing up around the most respected detectives in the world, Ling-Ling has become a top-notch sleuth in her own right. When she's not on a case she loves to invent quite a few bits of technology to assist the Dickens family -- such as their handheld lie detectors.

Disney Guilty Party: Charlotte Dickens-Johnson

Charlotte Dickens-Johnson

Charlotte loves cracking cases with logic - but she also knows Kung Fu, and she's not afraid to use it. On her own she is a fearsome crime-fighter –- but with the rest of the Dickens Detective Agency behind her, she is unstoppable.

Disney Guilty Party: Butch Johnson

Butch Johnson

Butch's background as a policeman taught him how to handle tough suspects. Now, as part of the Dickens Detective Agency, he prefers to use his brains instead of his brawn. With his wife Charlotte and daughter Ling-Ling at his side, he's a part of a well-rounded detective unit.

Disney Guilty Party: Rudyard Dickens as "Kid Riddle"

Rudyard Dickens as "Kid Riddle"

The youngest member of the family is fully immersed in his alternate persona of Kid Riddle: masked mastermind, boy brainiac, and juvenile genius! His enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of him, but he usually makes up for it with energetic crime scene investigation.

Disney Guilty Party: Phoebe Dickens

Phoebe Dickens

Unlike her big brother Max, Phoebe enjoys detective work so much that she's training with the FBI in her spare time. As a result of her FBI fieldwork -- or perhaps her arduous experience as the mother of Kid Riddle -- she will get tough when necessary. Not a mom you want to mess with.

Disney Guilty Party is scheduled to be released tomorrow, August 31st, and is available to pre-order. Watch an overview of the game below:


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