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First Clues, Mysteries for Kids: New Titles for August 2010

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids

is pleased to announce a selection of new mystery, suspense and thriller books (including series books) scheduled for publication during August 2010.

The titles are listed in (approximate) order of appropriate age groups, from early readers to books for young adults.

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Hilda Hippo's Big Surprise by Natalie Shaw

Hilda Hippo's Big SurpriseMore Information about the book
Natalie Shaw

Two Busytown Mysteries are being published this month.

In the first, it's a special day in Busytown: It's Hilda Hippo’s birthday! She received a really amazing gift from her father, and she invites her friends to meet her at the Busytown Park that evening so she can share her mystery gift with them. What is it? Hilda won’t tell! But she does give her friends clues that day… and Huckle figures out what Hilda’s mystery gift is. It's an actual star that her father had named after her! Together, the friends find the 'Hilda' star in the night sky and celebrate Hilda's birthday!

In the second, A Busy Day in Busytown, it's an extra busy day and Huckle Cat notices there’s a big traffic jam. He and his sister, Sally, wonder why it’s so busy! Whenever Huckle wants to find out the answer to a mystery, he investigates. Huckle and Sally walk around Busytown, asking their friends where they are rushing off to. Mouse explains he’s late for a movie. Hilda is out and about buying plants for her garden. Huckle realizes maybe it’s not a mystery after all … Busytown is just a busy place, full of busy friends with lots to do. And when everyone is out doing their errands at the same time, a traffic jam happens!

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Mystery Map by Franklin W. Dixon

Mystery MapMore Information about the book
Franklin W. Dixon

Brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are 9- and 8-years old in this series featuring the amateur sleuths in stories for younger readers.

No synopsis is available for this is the third book in the series.

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The Burglar Who Bit the Big Apple by Steve Brezenoff

The Burglar Who Bit the Big AppleMore Information about the book
Steve Brezenoff

They solve crimes, catch crooks, crack codes … and ride the bus back to school afterward. Meet Egg, Gum, Sam, and Cat. Four sixth-grade detectives and best friends. Wherever field trips take them, mysteries aren’t far behind …

While in New York City on a field trip, Sam Archer and her friends find themselves immersed in a run of crimes at sightseeing locations.

Three other books in the series are being published this month: The Crook Who Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, The Zombie Who Visited New Orleans, and The Ghost Who Haunted the Capitol.

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Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates by Kim Kennedy

Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost PiratesMore Information about the book
Kim Kennedy

Things in the New England town of Ashcrumb are getting weird. Or just weirder. Misty Gordon, whose antique-dealing parents drive a van that says “D.E.A.D.” on the side (for “Deceased’s Estate and Antique Dealer”), is accustomed to weird.

One day, when accompanying her father to the estate of a recently departed clairvoyant, Misty discovers a notebook and a pair of eyeglasses that enable her to see ghosts! And solve mysteries. With the help of her new powers and her best friend, Yoshi, Misty learns that her hometown was settled not by respectable colonists but by pirates! And the ghosts of the pirates are returning to reclaim a dangerous, powerful treasure they lost centuries ago. Who will find it first, Misty or the pirates?

— ◊ —

The Case of the Rock 'n' Roll Dog by Martha Freeman

The Case of the Rock 'n' Roll DogMore Information about the book
Martha Freeman

Most days Cammie is tired of being the daughter of the first female president of the United States and just wants her real life back. She's feeling the stress of having to be on display so often. Plus, her oversized and over enthusiastic dog Hooligan keeps getting into trouble. That's why she's thrilled when her very favorite group, the famous teenage sensation called the Song Boys, is scheduled to perform at a literacy event at the White House. But when White House objects disappear, the events is in jeopardy. With some help from her younger sister Tessa and Hooligan, Cammie tackles the mystery -- and helps save the concert.

The is the first book in this series.

— ◊ —

The Vanishing Violin by Michael D. Beil

The Vanishing ViolinMore Information about the book
Michael D. Beil

When there are mysteries to be solved, the Red Blazer Girls are on the case! In the first mystery of the series, the discovery of the Ring of Rocamadour has secured the girls' reputation as Upper East Side super-sleuths, bringing many sundry job requests (no mystery too small, right?) and some unwanted attention from crooks.

In this second mystery, the girls must follow a trail of cryptic clues, involving everything from logic to literature, to trace a rare violin gone missing. But nothing is as it appears, and just as a solution seems imminent, the girls find themselves scrambling to save the man who was once their prime suspect.

— ◊ —

High School Musical Mystery II: The Lost Verse by Stefan Petrucha and Sarah Kinney

High School Musical Mystery II: The Lost VerseMore Information about the book
Stefan Petrucha and Sarah Kinney

In this 21st entry in the graphic novel series, Nancy’s car is stolen! A rare copy of Edgar Allen Poe’s first story has vanished! A girl has been kidnapped! All before this story even begins! To set things right and satisfy a crazed Poe fan, Nancy Drew must solve a sixty-year-old mystery that’s daunted millions and discover the true identity of the person who visits Poe’s grave every year, toasting the writer and leaving three roses. Fortunately, she has plenty of help as her two new pals, the Dana Girls, accompany her on her quest to discover Poe’s Lost Verse!

— ◊ —

Conspiracy 365: August by Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365: AugustMore Information about the book
Gabrielle Lord

The 8th thrilling novel in this 12 volume series.

On New Year's Eve, Callum Ormond is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning: They killed your father. They'll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days. Cal is fighting for his sister's life. But nobody believes the "psycho kid" and he's running out of people he can trust. He doesn't even know which of his enemies he's facing. How many hard-won treasures will he have to relinquish in return for his sister's safety?

— ◊ —

The Madman of Venice by Sophie Masson

The Madman of VeniceMore Information about the book
Sophie Masson

Venice in 1602 is a vibrant and charming city. Yet beneath this splendor lies a sinister underworld in which murderous pirates and conniving noblemen have woven a tangled network.

Along with his daughter, Celia; his clerk, Ned; and his sister, Mistress Bess Quickly, Master Ashby, a prosperous merchant, sets forth from London to Venice to investigate the pirate attacks that have been plaguing English ships. But the group's mission turns out to be far more than they bargained for when Ashby is beseeched to find Sarah Tedeschi, a Jewish girl who has vanished from the Venetian Ghetto after being accused of witchcraft by the powerful Countess of Montemoro.

Is Sarah's disapperance somehow connected to the pirate attacks? Nothing is what it seems as Ned and Celia uncover secrets that have been hidden for far too long.

Inspired by Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

— ◊ —

The Body at the Tower by Y. S. Lee

The Body at the TowerMore Information about the book
Y. S. Lee

Mary Quinn is back in this second mystery in the series, now a trusted member of the Agency, the all-female detective unit operating out of Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls. Her new assignment sends her into the grimy underbelly of Victorian London dressed as a poor boy, evoking her own childhood memories of fear, hunger, and constant want. As she insinuates herself into the confidence of several persons of interest, she encounters others in desperate situations and struggles to make a difference without exposing —or losing —her identity.

Mary’s adventure, which takes place on the building site of the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, offers a fictional window into a fascinating historical time and place.

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The Interrogation of Gabriel James by Charlie Price

The Interrogation of Gabriel JamesMore Information about the book
Charlie Price

Eyewitness to two killings, fourteen-year-old Gabriel James relates the shocking story behind the murders in a police interrogation interspersed with flashbacks. Step by step, this Montana teenager traces his discovery of a link between a troubled classmate's disturbing home life and an outbreak of local crime. In the process, however, Gabriel becomes increasingly confused about his own culpability for the explosive events that have unfolded.

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Dead Is Just a Rumor by Marlene Perez

Dead Is Just a RumorMore Information about the book
Marlene Perez

In this fourth entry in the series, the creepy little town of Nightshade prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary—on Halloween, of course—just as many of its paranormal residents are receiving mysterious blackmail letters. Psychic teen Daisy Giordano and her sisters set out to find out who is behind the threats. But launching an investigation isn’t easy for Daisy with her overprotective father watching her every move. Though she’s is happy to have him back after the years he spent being held captive by an anti-paranormal group called the Scourge, Dad is having difficult time adjusting to home life—and the fact that his little girl is now a senior in high school. He even disapproves of Daisy’s boyfriend, Ryan. Can their relationship take the strain?

And Daisy’s got even more on her plate: A talented amateur chef, she has won cooking lessons with celebrity chef Circe Silvertongue. After nosing around (with a little help from Circe’s pet pig), Daisy begins to suspect the temperamental chef’s secrets aren’t only in her ingredients.

— ◊ —

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