Friday, October 30, 2009

Warner Bros. Launches Sherlock Holmes Viral Online Game

Sherlock Holmes 221b Viral Game

Warner Bros. has launched a new website to promote its upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, this time creating an online game that can be played alone or with a partner.

The website,, is the gateway to the game, which requires a Facebook account. It's not clear if the game is related to the Sherlock Holmes viral website, which Warner Bros. launched in August.

Here's the official description of the game from the website: 221B is a two-player game immersing you into the world of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. 221B takes you through the events leading up to the very first scene of the new Sherlock Holmes film.

You can play with a friend, one as Holmes, one as Watson, or you can even play alone if you like, taking on the role of both characters. Just as in the stories, you and your friend will investigate crimes, sift through evidence and solve mysteries. You'll also have to stake your reputation as detectives on your deductions. Get them right and you'll soon be the envy of Scotland Yard.

You'll need a Facebook account to play the game. There is a registration process which uses the Facebook Connect system to link you with a friend, so that you can start playing. The game is played out in a prologue and eight chapters, each with its own mystery to solve. You will be notified by email when each new chapter is available.

We registered to play and received a message that the game shall soon be afoot!

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