Monday, April 27, 2009

CBS Moves Harper's Island to Saturdays

Harpers Island (CBS)

CBS announced today that starting May 2nd, Harper's Island will be moving to Saturday nights at 9 PM (ET).

CBS attributes the move to strong DVR playback data, with relatively few people actually watching the show on its regular night opting instead to view it later. "This move gives us an opportunity to improve the time period on Thursday while experimenting with more original programming on Saturday, and continuing to serve an audience that is clearly engaged in the ongoing Harper's Island story, " says Kelly Kahl, Sr. VP of Prime Time at CBS.

We think the real reason may be two-fold. The plotline has been weak to date and certainly strains viewer credulity at times. (Is it really believable no one has yet found Uncle Marty on the bridge or the priest hanging outside the church?) And the sheer number of commercials interrupting the show every few minutes makes viewing in real time difficult at best.

We're intrigued with the idea behind Harper's Island but its execution (no pun intended) has been disappointing.

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  1. Although Saturday night disappoints me . . . I completely agree with your analysis of Harper's Island. Though there are some intriguing aspects to the show, I am left a little disappointed by the fact that so much is unbelievable. I'm looking at it like the first few chapters of a book - they're building the story line. I just hope they get to some real mystery soon!


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