Monday, February 25, 2008

Mysteries on TV: B. L. Stryker, The Fugitive, Jesse Stone

Mysteries on TV

, your source for the most complete selection of detective, amateur sleuth, private investigator, and suspense television mystery series now available or coming soon to DVD, has two new seasons of series titles and the much anticipated 4th Jesse Stone movie being released this week.

Burt Reynolds starred as , a former police detective who returns to his native Florida to become a private investigator. The series also starred Ozzie Davis as Stryker's investigative partner and Rita Morena as Stryker's ex-wife.

B. L. Stryker was one of the rotating weekly mystery movies on ABC (with , , Gideon Oliver, and Christine Cromwell), but after being such a success several years earlier for NBC, the concept this time only lasted 2 seasons.

The B. L. Stryker Season 1 DVD set of 3 discs contains the five 2-hour episodes that aired during the spring of 1989.

One of the great suspense dramas of all time was . David Janssen starred as Richard Kimble, a physician wrongly convicted of killing his wife and who is on the run while trying to clear his name. Barry Morse starred as Lt. Philip Gerard, the detective determined to capture him and return him to death row. A theatrical movie based on the series starring Harrison Ford (The Fugitive; also The Fugitive Blu-ray) was a critical and commercial success. The series was remade in 2000 starring Tim Daly as Richard Kimble; it lasted only one season.

The Fugitive aired on ABC for 4 seasons from September 1963 to August 1967. At the time, the series finale was the most watched television program in history and remained so until it was surpassed by the finale of M*A*S*H in 1983.

The Fugitive Season 1 Volume 2 DVD set of 4 discs contain the final 14 episodes of the first season that aired during the spring of 1964.

Tom Selleck starred as Jesse Stone in the 4th made-for-television movie in this terrific series, . Jesse Stone is a former LAPD homicide detective who is now the police chief of the small coastal community of Paradise, Massachusetts. Sea Change, adapted from a book of the name title by , has Jesse Stone reopening a 12-year-old cold case file involving the murder of a bank teller. Tom Selleck was nominated for an Emmy as lead actor for his performance in this movie.

Jesse Stone: Sea Change originally aired on CBS on May 22, 2007. The other titles in the series are Stone Cold, Night Passage, and Death in Paradise. A fifth movie, Thin Ice, is in production and will air sometime during 2008. For more information on Jesse Stone, both the books and the movies, visit our lens on

And a very special thank you from to everyone who pre-ordered the Jesse Stone: Sea Change DVD from our website making it our best-selling DVD to date.

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