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Mysteries on TV: Foyle's War

Mysteries on TV

Earlier this week as we were watching , we were struck anew at how wonderful this series is. Produced in the UK, the series is set in and around Hastings along the southern coast of England during World War II. Each episode, which is dated chronologically as the series progresses, involves the investigation of a local crime that often has some connection to the war.

Michael Kitchen plays Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle in a magnificant, understated manner. His approach to solving crime is simplicity itself: observe, ask questions, interpret clues, and arrest the guilty party. The production values are first rate and the plotlines are clever and compelling. The series is written by Anthony Horowitz who has also contributed to the series and the series of made-for-television movies. Horowitz is also the author of the children's adventure series featuring .

Although not strictly necessary to enjoy the series, it is probably best to watch the episodes in sequential order from the beginning. Doing so follows the historical progression of the war and also helps the viewer understand how the character relationships developed. The episodes (4 per set) are dated starting with the first episode in May 1940 and with the 16th (and most recent available) episode dated March 1943. Three additional (and final) episodes are currently in production which will be aired next year concluding this terrific series.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for the mystery and suspense television fan, you can't go wrong with .

Foyle's War Set 1Foyle's War Set 2Foyle's War Set 3Foyle's War Set 4

For more information about the Foyle's War series, visit our . A synopsis of every episode is provided as well as YouTube video clips and more. To purchase any the four available DVD sets, click on one of the links above or go to .

Visit the Mysteries on TV website to discover more currently available on DVD.

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