Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Press Release: New Weekly Web Serial Follows Humorous Mystery in New Jersey

Apr 09, 2007 -- /prbuzz/ -- This week the Wizard of Wit launched a free weekly web-serial entitled “It Happened in Plainfield.” The story is a humorous comic mystery that will be updated online each Monday with a new chapter.

The web-serial follows the adventures of Henson Ray, a gay NYC resident who moves to Plainfield, NJ after he receives an unusual offer from a mysterious benefactress. But life in the suburbs is anything but dull, as Henson soon finds himself embroiled in a real-life mystery involving a famous movie actress, peculiar neighbors and a secret society bent on his destruction.

Filled with colorful characters and witty dialogue, the serial is billed as “an amusing piece of fluff.” But as the chapters begin to unfold, readers will soon discover that the more outrageous the story gets, the more plausible it becomes.

The web serial is the brainchild of Writer and Marketing Manager Michael Latshaw, who began the project at the urging of some friends.

The website has been up less than a week and the response has been extremely positive.

“People are really responding to the characters and the humor," Latshaw confesses. "I'm getting e-mails from perfect strangers who say they're already hooked, and they can't wait for the next chapter. So I guess the story has the right mix of humor and heart..with a little mystery thrown in to spice it all up.”

To read the first four chapters, please visit www.ithappenedinplainfield.com.

Read the entire press release here.

[Mystery Books News Editor's comment: We read the first few chapters and agree that it is, as advertised, "fluff", but we also chuckled more than a few times. Give it shot and let us know what you think!]

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