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Mystery Book Review: Dark Room by Andrea Kane

Mysterious ReviewsMysterious Reviews, mysteries reviewed by the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books, has written our review of Dark Room by Andrea Kane. For our blog readers, we are printing it first here in advance of its publication on our website.Dark Room by Andrea Kane

Dark Room by

William Morrow (Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0-06-074134-1 (0060741341)
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-074134-1 (9780060741341)
Publication Date: March 2007
List Price: $23.95

Synopsis (from the publisher): Seventeen years ago, Morgan Winter was traumatized by the discovery of her parents' brutally murdered bodies in a Brooklyn basement on Christmas Eve. Now shocking new evidence overturns the killer's conviction and Morgan is confronted with the horrifying realization that the real killer is still out there.

Trapped in an emotional hell, she hires Pete "Monty" Montgomery, the former NYPD detective who first investigated her parents' homicides. Now a PI, Monty has a personal score to settle—a promise he made to Morgan, the helpless child long ago, that he'd find her parents' killer. With nothing more than an old case file and the original crime scene photos, Monty enlists the specialized skills of his son, Lane, a photojournalist whose job is a perfect cover for the clandestine image analysis he conducts for the CIA. Constantly thrill-seeking, Lane is used to gambling and putting his own life on the line—for country, for journalistic integrity, for the adrenaline rush. But this time, the stakes are different . . . and this time, he can't afford to lose.

The murderer is still at large and has never stopped watching Morgan from the shadows, making sure a dark secret remains buried. Now, Morgan's fierce determination to uncover the truth consumes her, plunging her into the dark and terrifying past and an increasingly dangerous present.

Lane is closing in on the truth. But in a cruel twist of fate, what he exposes may be far more shocking and devastating to Morgan than anyone could imagine.

Review: Dark Room, by Andrea Kane, tells of the horror and sadness of Morgan Winter who was only ten years old when she ran happily into the room on Christmas Eve and found her parents lying on the floor, brutally murdered. Seventeen years have now passed; Morgan and her best friend, Jill Shore, have gone into a lucrative business together. Life is good! Then one day all the memories of the cruel assault and the violence begin to resurface as she is told that the man who was arrested for and convicted of the murder of her parents was innocent.

Andrea Kane vividly brings to life each character in her book, their roles, their traits and their temperaments. Monty, the crusty private investigator and former police officer who was in charge of the crime's investigation seventeen years ago, has been hired by Morgan to delve into the past and find the real killer of her parents. There’s the flamboyant Senator Shore and his loving wife, who were Morgan’s parents closest friends, and who became legal guardians of Morgan. They brought her up as their own with their young daughter, Jill, who was Morgan’s best friend from very early childhood. We are told about the Senator’s parents and his wife’s parents and Monty’s son. We meet some of their friends and colleagues, men and women, of seventeen years ago, some who were actively involved with the investigation back then.

Not only is this a mystery, it is a unique story of the love of parents and children, of men and women and warm friendships. All of the friends and family come to the aid of Monty. Some have stories that may be useful; others can talk to people who may remember the incident. Morgan has pictures and does the Senator and his wife. Much has happened in forensic science over the seventeen years, so these old clues may have new answers. Every one is a suspect now, friends, old comrades, and even the women involved with these men.

Piece by piece, Monty starts putting the seventeen-year-old puzzle together. When he is finished, he is as astonished as the reader to discover the culprit.

Andrea Kane's Dark Room is an "I don’t want to put it down" kind of book.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty for contributing her review of Dark Room and to Book Trends for providing an ARC for this review.

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