Friday, February 16, 2007

News: Introducing Mysteries on TV

If you're like us, whatever free time isn't spent reading mysteries is spent watching them. Last year we created a website, Mysteries on DVD, that featured mystery books that had been adapted as screenplays and filmed as movies. Each page of this site features information about the original book and the movie made from it. Associated with this website is an aStore, Buy Mysteries on DVD, where all the movies featured can be easily purchased.

aStores are a recent innovation by that allow the inclusion of highly targeted products for purchase within the framework of a website, or optionally, as a stand-alone online store. We've embraced aStores as a convenient way for our customers to search for, and purchase, mystery-related products.

Our newest aStore is Buy Mysteries on TV, a collection of mystery-themed television shows that are available on DVD. You might wonder why this site is even necessary since directly provides several search methods for identifying TV mysteries. One reason is that tries to be all things to all people, and in creating their categories they often overlook products that may be relevant and of interest to those searching, or include products that are at best only peripherally related. By selectively picking only those series that are most related to this category, we've provided a convenient single site for customers wanting to find television mystery series available on DVD.

Some terrific series may be easily overlooked using's standard search options. For example, consider the outstanding mystery series Foyle's War, set in England during World War II. The acting and writing is first rate, yet this series has received very little attention here in the US. The first three seasons are currently available on DVD.

The first season of Murder One is also particularly noteworthy. The entire season covered a single murder trial and is marked by stellar performances by Daniel Benzali, Gason Gedrick, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, and Barbara Bosson.

We've started with 23 series in our Mysteries on TV aStore and will add more in the future. We may expand the store in the future to include a complete website with additional features.

If you're looking to purchase TV mysteries available on DVD, we hope you'll check out our store. We appreciate your business and look forward to any comments you may have to improve our selection and service.

Visit the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books often where we provide readers and collectors of mysteries with the best and most current information about their favorite mystery authors, books, and series.

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