Friday, November 03, 2006

News: Lost Kubrick Mystery Treatment to be Filmed

The New York Times is reporting that a long missing mystery movie treatment that Stanley Kubrick had commissioned in the late 1950s from noir pulp novelist Jim Thompson, discovered by the filmmaker's son-in-law in 1999, is now on track to be filmed. Titled Lunatic at Large, it is written as a puzzle in which the audience must determine which among the film's quirky characters is the actual escapee from a nearby mental hospital.

Set in New York in 1956, it is the story of Johnnie Sheppard, a former carnival worker and Joyce, a nervous, attractive barfly he picks up in a tavern. There's a newsboy who flashes a portentous headline, a car chase over a railroad crossing with a train bearing down, and a romantic interlude in a spooky, deserted mountain lodge. According to the New York Times, the great set piece is a nighttime carnival sequence in which Joyce, lost and afraid, wanders among the tents and encounters a sideshow's worth of familiar carnie types: the Alligator Man, the Mule-Faced Woman, the Midget Monkey Girl, and the Human Blockhead.

Signed to direct the film is Chris Palmer, a British television commercial director. This would be Palmer's first feature film.

Read the entire story, as published in the International Herald Tribune, here.

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