Sunday, September 17, 2006

News: An Interview with Jasper Fforde

British author Jasper Fforde received 76 rejection letters before publishing his first mystery, The Eyre Affair, in which literary detective Thursday Next investigates the kidnapping of Jane Eyre, writes Gary Kemble of the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Fforde's latest book, The Fourth Bear by Jasper FfordeThe Fourth Bear, is the second book in another series, the Nursery Rhyme mysteries with Jack Spratt, which follows the investigation into the murder of Goldilocks.

"I'd been writing short stories from about '87 just for fun and one of these short stories was a murder mystery with Humpty Dumpty as the victim," says Fforde. This short story eventually became the first entry in the Nursery Rhyme series, The Big Over Easy.

As to all those rejections, Fforde notes, "You write and you want to be published but I think if you write only wanting to be published you're doing it for entirely the wrong reason and it will probably show. I think the thing about writing is to perhaps assume that you won't be published, that there's a strong possibility you will never be published, and if you can carry on writing with that in mind then you're clearly doing it for the right sort of reasons." He adds, "It took me 10 or 12 years to get published [and then I realized] this adventure's only just beginning, I've got to work doubly hard now to make sure I keep on delivering reasonable books that people want to keep on reading, and just keep up the energy and everything. But it's good fun. It's a good challenge."

Read the entire interview on here.

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