Tuesday, September 26, 2006

News: A Conversation with Steve Hamilton

Sonja Brodie, special writer for the Ann Arbor News, recently had a conversation with Steve Hamilton, author of the Alex McKnight mystery series.

Hamilton's 7th mystery in the series, A Stolen Season by Steve HamiltonA Stolen Season, was recently published by St. Martin's Press. On a cold, miserable night in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Alex McKnight and his former partner Leon happen to be standing on the edge of Lake Superior, waiting for the July 4th fireworks to begin when the wreck happens. In the shallow water of Waishkey Bay, an antique wooden boat runs right into a line of old railroad pilings. When Alex and Leon go out to rescue the passengers, they find three men. The driver of the boat is out cold. The other two are dazed but conscious. When they're finally back on dry land and sent away in an ambulance, Alex figures he'll never see them again. He couldn't be more wrong.

Alex McKnight is not a traditional detective by any means, Hamilton says. "He's a guy who has no interest in being a private eye or having any kind of profession like that, so it is a little more challenging to drag him into trouble every time. The one thing that I've got going for me is that he's a total sucker. A friend in need or anybody who needs his help - he's going to do it. That's really what keeps dragging him into trouble.''

Asked why he chose to set his series in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, he says, "As soon as you cross the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula, everything just feels different up there and looks different and the people are different, mostly in a good way." He adds, "The rest of the country is all starting to look alike, it's all Starbucks and Wal-Marts. The U.P. is one of the last places that's still unlike anywhere else in the country. I wanted to have that unique setting. And, of course, having Lake Superior in the background all the time, this beautiful monster of a lake, I just thought that was a pretty irresistible thing.''

Read the entire interview on Everything Michigan (mlive.com) here.

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