Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Mystery Hardcover Titles for August 2006 (updated)

New MysteriesAn update of new hardcover mysteries for August 2006 has been posted on the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books website. Five new titles have been added to those already present including ...

The Wrong Abraham by David S. BrodyBoston attorney Shelby Baskin, and her fiancé Bruce Arrujo, return again to the streets of Boston, this time to prevent a terrorist attack on the city in The Wrong Abraham, the second mystery in this series by David S. Brody. Shelby Baskin has it all-a successful law practice, a condo in the Back Bay, a fiancé who adores her. Then she receives a baffling letter from her rich Uncle Abraham, a Holocaust survivor: Only she, he mysteriously proclaims, can prevent a major terrorist attack on Boston. Working with Homeland Security, Shelby and her fiancé, Bruce Arrujo, race through the streets of Boston, first attempting to stop a Hiroshima sized LNG tanker explosion in Boston Harbor, then fighting to prevent a deadly release of anthrax powder at Fenway Park. Yet the terrorists always seem to be one step ahead of them. Through it all, a question haunts Shelby: Why does Uncle Abraham always seem to be one step ahead of the terrorists?

Lost Angel by Mike DooganThe icy interior of Alaska is the setting for the breathtaking first mystery from the winner of the Robert L. Fish Award for short fiction, Mike Doogan, in Lost Angel. Moses Wright founded the Christian commune of Rejoice. The rough-and-tumble interior of Alaska may seem a strange place for such a community, but for twenty years it has served as a beacon in the wilderness. Two decades later Moses granddaughter, Faith, is the star of the younger generation. Pretty and intelligent, she's the first teenager in the town to choose to experience the outside world. When Faith disappears, the elders of Rejoice look beyond their village for help. Ex-cop Nik Kane lost his faith long ago-dissolved in a bottle. A few drinks, a dark night, and a shooting led to seven years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Nothing can give him back his career or his family, but the search for Faith may restore his soul.

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