Saturday, July 08, 2006

Game Preview: Nancy Drew in Danger by Design

Games of MysteryJack Allin of Adventure Gamers provided an advance look at the 14th game in the popular Nancy Drew Mystery Series for the PC, Danger by Design. The game is expected to begin shipping in early August.

Nancy Drew 14: Danger by DesignA famous fashion designer named Minette has fallen far behind in preparations for her upcoming show, and a concerned investor asks Nancy to secretly investigate under the guise of a new intern. Along with snooping out suspects, Nancy will also have to maintain her cover as an intern, and Minette proves to be a most demanding boss. Luckily for players, that means plenty of activities, and Danger by Design looks to have a nice variety of puzzles and minigames, writes Allin.

Almost everything about the game is classic Nancy Drew, so those with any experience at all with the series will feel right at home immediately. Allin concludes that the first-person, node-based, point and click interface is a breeze, and all the tried and true features from previous games have returned.

Another game in the series will be released in October: The Creature of Kapu Cave. The Hardy Boys debuted in last year's Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and the boys return in the upcoming game, but this time they are much more involved, and players will have the chance to control both Frank and Joe in significant roles throughout the game.

Read his entire preview here.

Find information about the entire series of Nancy Drew mystery games and more at Games of Mystery.

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