Monday, May 08, 2006

News: "Lost" Book Clues in Fans

Bad Twin by Gary TroupBad Twin, written by fictitious Oceanic Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup (an anagram of "purgatory") on the ABC series "Lost", is being billed as the last manuscript from the author, who supposedly dropped the book off at his publisher just days before perishing on the flight.

The plot centers on the detective Paul Artisan who is hired to track down the "bad twin" Zander Widmore by his "good twin" Cliff. Along the way, Artisan enlists the help of a good buddy who just so happens to be well-versed in biblical parables and metaphors on the meaning of life.

Gina Serpe, writing for E! Online, reports that, as expected, Bad Twin is full of references to the prime-time series, including several mentions of the 17th century philosopher John Locke, a makeshift boat named Escape Hatch, allusions to life being complicated and unable to be boiled down to something as simple as, say, "a string of numbers," and of course, most of the action takes place on a mysterious--and fictional--island.

Serpe adds, "For those fans wishing to check out more of Troup's work, they may want to dig up his first novel, The Valenzetti Equation. That is, if it actually existed they might. The book is described as centering on a mathematical equation that predicts the apocalypse, and while no more specifics have been released, it's likely 'Lost' fans could hazard an accurate guess as to which numbers may be involved in the solution."

Read the rest of the E! Online story here.

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