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Press Release: Best-Selling Author James Byron Huggins to Release New Book, Sorcerer

(OPENPRESS) April 6, 2006 -- This April, best-selling author James Byron Huggins will release his third Whitaker House title, Sorcerer.

Ex-detective Michael Thorn has retired from the police force, and is eager to lead a normal life for once. His days of fighting to protect the innocent are over. But his “retirement” isn’t going to be the long-deserved rest he expected. His new home in rural New England has many strange stories surrounding it. But those are all just rumors…right? Then he discovers the skeleton in the basement and realizes the rumors are true. When the skeleton mysteriously disappears, Thorn is faced with an ancient mystery—one that leads to an even more ancient foe: the same sorcerer who fought Moses! Now, to protect his family, Thorn must figure out how a sorcerer from ancient Egypt ended up in America and how to defeat him before he regains his full power and wreaks havoc on the world. Thorn has help from a wise professor, a devout priest, and a sect of warriors sworn to protect the church. But will they be enough?

In the end, Thorn will face even larger questions—of good and evil, of God and the devil.

Best-known by his good vs. evil plots of historical or political significance, Sorcerer is only the latest title to follow best-sellers Nightbringer, Rora, and Cain. Of his novels, says, “Huggins can make the most outlandish material instantly credible by creating scenes of great power and imagination.”

A veteran novelist, James Byron Huggins’ life story reads more like fiction than fact. After working as a newspaper reporter, Huggins left journalism to help persecuted Christians in eastern Europe. From Texas, he worked with the Christian underground in the Iron Curtain, spending his life savings and becoming homeless. Huggins left America to offer assistance to Romanian Christians. He often remained hidden for days at a time in order to survive. After returning home, Huggins again worked as a journalist before becoming a policeman. Huggins then left law enforcement to pursue full-time writing.

Sorcerer is Huggins second 2006 release. In January his conspiracy novel, The Scam, was introduced.

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