Sunday, March 26, 2006

Got Game's "Scratches" Claws its Way to the Top

GameZone reported on its website that Scratches, the mystery PC game developed by Got Game, has found a home not only with core adventure gamers, but with horror and suspense fans as well. In the face of big name, big budget releases, value-priced, independently developed games can still make a mark. Since its release earlier this month, Scratches, a suspense-adventure game for the PC has ranked in the top 10 of’s Top Sellers in Computer and Video Games, as well as in popular game indexes such as

Scratches is an atmospheric mystery adventure game for the PC, brimming with eerie twists and terrifying surprises. Set in and around a solitary Victorian mansion concealing a terrible secret, a long since forgotten story from the past emerges to haunt the present. A careful combination of inventory-based and deductive-style puzzles, integrated with a riveting storyline, non-linear gameplay, intricately detailed graphics, and an entrancing soundtrack, immerse you in a haunting Gothic atmosphere until the final shocking revelation.

Scratches and other mystery games for the PC are available from Games of Mystery, a website providing links to PC, board and card mystery games, as well as mystery-themed parties for adults, teens, and children.

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