Friday, March 02, 2012

First Poster for AMC's The Killing, Season Two

The Kiling Season Two (AMC, 2012)

AMC has released the first official poster for the second season of The Killing (right; click for slightly larger version). Its tagline: "Be careful what you uncover."

We're still torn about whether or not we will give this series another chance. We were bitterly disappointed in how the first season ended, without a resolution to the murder mystery, "Who killed Rosie Larsen?" And then we later learned that we wouldn't know the answer to that until the end of the second season. It's probably not too much of a stretch to opine that this is no way to treat your audience.

Still, we enjoyed the show right up to the final seconds of the last episode of the first season, so may — may — give it another chance this season. It will feature a new murder mystery to solve, hopefully within the context of a single season.

The Killing returns on Sunday, April 1st, 2012 with a 2-hour season premiere at 8 PM (ET/PT) on AMC.

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