Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who Killed Rosie Larsen Won't Be Revealed until the End of Season Two

The Killing (AMC)

No disrespect intended, but is the executive producer of The Killing living in an alternate reality?

For those who may have forgotten, the outstanding — up until the final episode — American version of the Danish crime drama Forbrydelsen left its viewers unexpectedly hanging at the end of the first season without a resolution to the whole premise of the season: Who Killed Rosie Larsen? AMC renewed the crime drama for a second season, and those of us who were disappointed with the outcome of the first fully expected that whodunit would be revealed within the first episode or two of the second.

We were wrong.

In a lengthy profile in the January 2012 issue of Written By (Writers Guild of America, West), Veena Sud, who produces the The Killing, her first television adaptation, says she does not make decisions by committee — i.e. the viewers that watch the show and ultimately determine its success or failure — adding, "Our intent was not to mislead or betray. We talked about the fans, and their passion, and all of the stuff that was being said on the internet. But the bottom line is, we close the door and we're a bunch of people in the room, and our job was, and continues to be, to tell the story that feels right by us."

The last sentence of the article is the most chilling … at least to us: "For the record, who killed Rosie Larsen won't be revealed until the end of season two."

(Not that it matters one way or the other, but Forbrydelsen identified whodunit at the end of its first season.)

After feeling completely misled by how the first season played out, we weren't sure we were going to watch the second season. That decision seems to have been made for us before it even begins. For those that plan on watching despite the arrogance of Veena Sud and her team, AMC hasn't scheduled a premiere date but it will likely be later this spring.

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  1. Well, Veena has just ensured that I *won't* be watching the second season of The Killing. But that doesn't matter to her. Happily Southland starts Jan. 17 and it respects its viewers.



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