Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mystery Savings: Buy Any 2 Eligible Items from B& and Receive an Exclusive Tote for $4.95

Mystery Savings: Discounted Products and Services on Books, Movies, and more!

Mystery Savings periodically provides our readers with current promotions that offer discounts or other incentives for purchasing mystery-themed products and services products through our partner websites. Below is a special offer recently received by us that we're pleased to pass on at this time.

Purchase any two mystery books, mystery movies, or mystery TV DVDs, and receive an exclusive Saint James "Brilliance" tote for just $4.95.

Oh wait. There is no restriction that you have to buy mystery-related items. Any two eligible items qualify! We just naturally read "mystery" into everything we see.

So, to start again, purchase any two eligible items (mystery are preferred of course!) and get the Saint James "Brilliance" tote for just $4.95. After placing the items in your cart, go to the Saint James "Brilliance" tote product page and add the tote to your cart. Proceed to checkout and you'll receive the discounted price.

World-renowned artist Synthia Saint James' work has graced more than 60 book covers and appeared in more than 22 children's books. Now you can carry her brilliant art over your shoulder with this gorgeous, reusable tote.

Exclusive Saint James "Brilliance" Tote Offer

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