Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Filming Begins on Murder on the Orient Express, Starring David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

In a press release yesterday, ITV announced that principal photography has begun for the television adaption of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, starring David Suchet as Hercule Poirot.

The star-studded international cast includes Dame Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Chastain, Sam Crane, Marie-Josée Croze, Serge Hazanavicius, Barbara Hershey, Toby Jones, Susanne Lothar, Joseph Mawle, Denis Ménochet, David Morrissey, Elaina Satine, Brian J. Smith, Stanley Weber and Samuel West.

David Suchet said, “It's an honor to have such a wonderful international cast on board for this world famous murder mystery. Writer Stewart Harcourt has created an exquisite script. His attention to detail is impeccable.”

Murder on the Orient Express will be filmed on location in Malta and London. No air date was announced.

(In related news, ITV noted that four new Poirot films, Appointment with Death, The Clocks, Three Act Tragedy and Hallowe’en Party, have completed filming and are awaiting scheduling.)

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Whodunit140, a New Murder Mystery Twitter Novel


A press release on announced Whodunit140, the world's first Twitter murder mystery novel. Simply follow @whodunit140 on Twitter to read it.

The story will develop every day, and is being written directly on Twitter. "Some people have claimed to write a Twitter novel," said the author, "but all they have done is rewrite and abbreviate a manuscript they have already written. Whodunit140 is being written especially for Twitter."

Whodunit140 is written entirely in 140 character chapters.

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CWA Planning a National Crime Fiction Week for June 2010

Crime Writers' Association (CWA)

The Crime Writers' Association (CWA) is planning a National Crime Fiction Week next year, according to an article in The Bookseller. Members of the CWA will take part in readings, discussions, and readers' group events during the week, scheduled to begin June 14, 2010.

The winner of the Young Crime Writers Competition will also be announced. This event, which takes place from January 18th to February 19th, is organized by the CWA.

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Otto Penzler To Create New Imprint for Atlantic Books

Otto Penzler (Mysterious Bookshop)

The Bookseller is reporting that Otto Penzler, owner of The Mysterious Bookshop in New York City, has joined Atlantic Books to create his own imprint under the Corvus division in January. It is expected that he will publish six to ten new crime fiction, spy and thriller titles a year.

First up: Lou Manfredo's debut novel Rizzo's War. Set in a Brooklyn police precinct, the novel explores, through the lives of veteran detective Joe Rizzo and his ambitious young partner, the byzantine procedures and grubby politics, the trading of favors, and the gray areas between practice and malpractice, which form the real basis of modern police work.

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More Casting News for Crime Drama Pilots

The Hollywood Reporter (here and here) is reporting several casting news items related to upcoming crime dramas.

Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) has been signed to co-star opposite Radha Mitchell in The Quickening, a potential series for A&E. The Quickening centers on Maggie Bird, a homicide detective assigned to a desk job after she is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Nolasco will play Maggie's ex-husband.

Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) has been cast as the lead in Delta Blues, featuring a Memphis police office who moonlights as an Elvis impersonator. The TNT pilot is executive produced by George Clooney.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mystery Book Review: 13 1/2 by Nevada Barr

Mysterious Reviews, mysteries reviewed by the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books, is publishing a new review of 13½ by Nevada Barr. For our blog readers, we are printing it first here in advance of its publication on our website.

13½ by Nevada Barr


Vanguard Press (Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 1-59315-553-0 (1593155530)
ISBN-13: 978-1-59315-553-7 (9781593155537)
Publication Date: September 2009
List Price: $25.95

Review: Nevada Barr, author of the Anna Pigeon mystery series, pens her first stand-alone thriller, 13½.

One night in 1971, 11-year-old Dylan Raines is convicted of murdering his mother, father, and baby sister, and severely injuring his older brother Richard. Convicted by a Minnesota court, and sentenced to juvenile detention until his 18th birthday, and the state penitentiary thereafter, he doesn't profess his innocence, but rather his inability to remember anything that happened that night. Thirty-six years later, Polly Farmer Deschamps, a divorced mother of two young girls, meets Marshall Marchand, an architect helping to rebuild post-Katrina New Orleans. They are married but shortly afterward Polly notices Marsh seems troubled ... and when she begins to explore his past, she concludes she may not know the man she married, and to fear for the safety of her children.

The best thrillers typically have unexpected twists, or something to surprise the reader along the way, but there is nothing unexpected or surprising in 13½. The author makes little effort to disguise the fact that the Marchand brothers in 2007 New Orleans are, in fact, the Raines brothers of Minnesota in the late 1960s, and that the murders of the Raines family members described early in the book are not quite what they seem. Nor is the identity of the mysterious Woman in Red all that mysterious. Even the title doesn't make a lot of sense: "13½" is a prison tattoo that signifies 12 jury members, 1 judge, half a chance; but there is no judge, jury, or trial here ... nor is there a prison. Maybe the title has a more subtle meaning, but if so, it's not clear what it is or how it relates to the story.

The briskly paced and exceptionally well-written narrative overcome much of the predictability of 13½. The significant plot holes are a little harder to ignore. Elements of psychological suspense are introduced in a very convincing way, however; here's a passage that effectively conveys the confusion of one of the characters: "Leaning into the psychic wind, he pushed forward two more staggering steps. Outside the master bedroom the mental storm reached gale force. Holding onto the door frame, he tried to overcome the need to go in. Three times this evening he'd made the pilgrimage through the stairwell's nightmares to this room to see if it had reappeared. He didn't know whether this time would be a relief or further proof that he should get to know his wife's razor more intimately." But too little is subsequently developed or advanced in this regard, and given the outcome is known in advance, the reader is left somewhat dissatisfied in the end.

Special thanks to Jane Wesman Public Relations for providing a copy of 13½ for this review.

Review Copyright © 2009 — Hidden Staircase Mystery Books — All Rights Reserved

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If you are interested in purchasing 13½ from, please click the button to the right. 13½ (Kindle edition) is also available. Learn more about the Kindle, Amazon's Wireless Reading Device.

Synopsis (from the publisher): In 1971, the state of Minnesota was rocked by the “Butcher Boy” incident, as coverage of a family brutally murdered by one of their own swept across newspapers and television screens nationwide.

Now, in present-day New Orleans, Polly Deschamps finds herself at yet another lonely crossroads in her life. No stranger to tragedy, Polly was a runaway at the age of fifteen, escaping a nightmarish Mississippi childhood.

Lonely, that is, until she encounters architect Marshall Marchand. Polly is immediately smitten. She finds him attractive, charming, and intelligent. Marshall, a lifelong bachelor, spends most of his time with his brother Danny. When Polly’s two young daughters from her previous marriage are likewise taken with Marshall, she marries him. However, as Polly begins to settle into her new life, she becomes uneasy about her husband’s increasing dark moods, fearing that Danny may be influencing Marshall in ways she cannot understand.

But what of the ominous prediction by a New Orleans tarot card reader, who proclaims that Polly will murder her husband? What, if any, is the Marchands’ connection to the infamous “Butcher Boy” multiple homicide? And could Marshall and his eccentric brother be keeping a dark secret from Polly, one that will shatter the happiness she has forever prayed for?

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Lorraine Bracco Joins Cast of TNT Pilot Rizzoli


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that former The Sopranos star Lorraine Bracco will join the cast of the TNT crime drama pilot Rizzoli, based on characters created by mystery author Tess Gerritsen.

It was previously announced that Angie Harmon will play the role of Boston police detective Jane Rizzoli in the pilot, and Sasha Alexander as Rizzoli's crime solving partner, medical examiner Maura Isles. Bracco will play Rizzoli's mother Angela.

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Games of Mystery: Nikopol, Secret of the Immortals, New from Big Fish Games

Games of Mystery

, your source for mystery-themed electronic and board games, parties for kids and adults, and murder mystery weekends and mystery getaway vacations, is pleased to announce the availability of a new mystery game from Big Fish Games released today. You can find out more about these games by visiting our page or by clicking on the links provided below.

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals

It is Paris 2023 and you are Alcide Nikopol, a struggling artist, devoted son, and political savior. The city is now a maze of mysteries, secrets, and clues that must be explored. When you learn your missing father may be alive, a possible pawn in a looming political battle between a power hungry dictator and the Immortals, you find yourself in a suspenseful adventure to find your father and thwart a dangerous conspiracy. As you search for answers from your humble artist's apartment to grand palace corridors, through labyrinthine metro passages and fortified military towers, you become entangled in political intrigue and caught between two worlds, one of anarchy and one of Immortality.

Based on the graphic novels by Enki Bilal.

Also available: Nikopol: Secret of the Immortals Game Walkthrough.

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals may be downloaded and purchased for $6.99 with a Big Fish Game Club membership. Due to its large size, a demonstration version is not available.

Watch a preview video below:


Other popular games on our page include several and games, games in the series and in particular the latest, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure, Enlightenus, Cate West: The Vanishing Files, Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate, and Nick Chase: A Detective Story.

Read our new game reviews by Ms. Terri: , , , and .

Big Fish Games: Bestsellers

Big Fish Games: New releases


And don't forget to visit for all kinds of mysterious fun!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mystery Book Review: Dark Tiger by William G. Tapply

Mysterious Reviews, mysteries reviewed by the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books, is publishing a new review of Dark Tiger by William G. Tapply. For our blog readers, we are printing it first here in advance of its publication on our website.

Dark Tiger by William G. Tapply

A Stoney Calhoun Mystery

St. Martin's Minotaur (Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0-312-37978-1 (0312379781)
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-37978-0 (9780312379780)
Publication Date: September 2009
List Price: $24.99

Review: The late William G. Tapply, author of the long-running Brady Coyne mysteries, began a new series in 2004 featuring the enigmatic Stoney Calhoun, a man who has no memory of his past. The third mystery in this series, Dark Tiger, gives additional hints as to who he may have been, but sadly, the readers of his adventures are destined, like Stoney himself, to learn no more.

Stoney is surprised to be told that the lease on the bait and tackle shop he runs with Kate Balaban has been terminated. There seems to be little he can do; the owner isn't interested in having them as tenants and wants them out by the end of the following month. Shortly thereafter, someone known to Stoney only as the "Man in the Suit" arrives, asking for Stoney's help. He makes it clear Stoney has no choice by saying he can "fix" the lease problem. "Thank the Man in the Suit," Stoney says to himself. "He created the problem, just to show me that he could, and then he solved it." Stoney agrees to meet with a Mr. Brescia, who clearly knew Stoney from before he lost his memory. "Our operatives have a good deal of latitude. Our system is unique among government agencies. We select our people for their intelligence and initiative and resourcefulness, we train them thoroughly, and then we trust them and support them," Mr. Brescia says. "Doesn't that ring any bells with you, Stoney? I've just described your career with us." One of Brescia's operatives, posing as a guest at a luxury fishing lodge in northern Maine, has been found murdered and Mr. Brescia wants Stoney to find out why. For starters, his death is also mysterious: he was already dead when someone shot him. Stoney is to take his place, and discover whatever it was that got the man killed.

Stoney Calhoun has a kind of quiet strength about him that is reflected in the writing of Dark Tiger. He speaks simply but with authority, his movements deliberate and spare, without unnecessary action. The story gives the impression of being slow at first, with little seeming to occur, yet the first 100 pages just fly by. Once Stoney is at the lodge, as a temporary guide for which he is eminently qualified, he stirs things up as he might while hunting partridge, by "shaking every bush and kicking every clump of grass." He achieves his goal, identifying who killed the operative and the reason for his murder, but the plot here is somewhat implausible and raises a few more questions than it answers. Still, given how well Dark Tiger is written, the solid characters and descriptive setting, it's well worth accompanying Stoney on this, his final journey.

Special thanks to St. Martin's Minotaur for providing a copy of Dark Tiger for this review.

Review Copyright © 2009 — Hidden Staircase Mystery Books — All Rights Reserved

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If you are interested in purchasing Dark Tiger from, please click the button to the right.

Synopsis (from the publisher): Seven years ago, Stoney Calhoun woke up in a VA hospital with no memories and a series of unexplained talents (language ability, weapons expertise, etc.). Since then he’s been living quietly, working as a part time fishing guide and co-owner of a local bait shop—with an unnamed visitor coming around occasionally to see if he’s regained any memories.

But this time, the visitor shows up looking for his help—and creating potential mayhem in Stoney’s life to prove he’s serious. In exchange for making those problems go away, Stoney must go to the far corner of Maine, sign on as a guide at a high end fishing lodge, and look into a couple of suspicious deaths. A government "operative" was found shot dead in a staged murder/suicide pact involving a local sixteen year old girl. Now Stoney has to uncover what the dead agent was investigating and got him killed—without being killed by the very same people.

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Mystery Book Review: The Private Patient by P. D. James

Mysterious Reviews, mysteries reviewed by the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books, is publishing a new review of The Private Patient by P. D. James. For our blog readers, we are printing it first here in advance of its publication on our website.

The Private Patient by P. D. James

An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery

Vintage (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-10: 0-307-45528-9 (0307455289)
ISBN-13: 978-0-307-45528-4 (9780307455284)
Publication Date: November 2009
List Price: $15.00

Review: Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgliesh investigates the murder of an investigative reporter in an isolated, secure manor house, in The Private Patient, the 14th mystery in this series by P. D. James.

Rhoda Gradwyn may have the title of investigative journalist, but she's really a gossipmonger. And she's very good at her job. At the age of 13, she was hit in the face with a broken whiskey bottle, courtesy of her irate, abusive, and drunken father. The attack left a grotesque scar on the side of her face. Thirty-four years later, she decides to have plastic surgery to remove the disfiguration. When her doctor, George Chandler Powell, asks why now, her cryptic reply is that she no longer has need of it. Rather than have the surgery in London, she elects to have the procedure done at Chandler Powell's private clinic at his home, Cheverell Manor in Dorset. It's private and her security can be guaranteed. Or so she thinks. Two days after the surgery, she is found dead in her bed, strangled. Dalgliesh and his team are called in to investigate, and they immediately focus on members of Chandler Powell's household and clinic staff. Which leads Dalgliesh to wonder if Rhoda Gradwyn was, in fact, the sole victim here. Might someone be trying to discredit the doctor as well?

The list of suspects is surprisingly long, from Chandler Powell's surgical assistant, nurse, secretary, and bookkeeper to his household, even his sister. And there were also several patients in residence at the time. It seems no one was particularly fond of Rhoda, most fearing that upon leaving she would give a scathing report on her stay there. Still, no one has a solid motive. But as Dalgliesh digs deeper, it becomes apparent that there is more to this murder. Why did Rhoda choose this particular physician? Why choose the manor clinic over a more convenient London hospital? Did one dictate the other? Hidden secrets and old crimes are just a few of the bewildering and captivating aspects of the case.

The Private Patient is in many ways an exceptional manor house-style mystery. The characters, even the minor ones, are fully developed, vital and vibrant, the location appropriately moody and atmospheric. The keenly developed plot includes twists that are as unexpected as they are unpredictable. There are hints that this may be Dalgliesh's final case, and if so, it's a grand way to end a long, distinguished, and memorable career.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of The Private Patient and to Random House for providing a trade paperback edition of the book for this review.

Review Copyright © 2009 — Hidden Staircase Mystery Books — All Rights Reserved

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If you are interested in purchasing The Private Patient from, please click the button to the right.

Synopsis (from the publisher): Cheverell Manor is a beautiful old house in Dorset, which its owner, the famous plastic surgeon George Chandler-Powell, uses as a private clinic. When the investigative journalist, Rhoda Gradwyn, arrives to have a disfiguring facial scar removed, she has every expectation of a successful operation and a peaceful week recuperating.

But the clinic houses an implacable enemy and within hours of the operation Rhoda is murdered. Commander Dalgliesh and his team are called in to investigate a case complicated by old crimes and the dark secrets of the past. Before Rhoda's murder is solved, a second horrific death adds to the complexities of one of Dalgliesh's most perplexing and fascinating cases.

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eHarlequin Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense Titles for December 2009 has released the December 2009 titles in their Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense series. Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense books combine suspense, romance, hope and faith to create a unique page-turning series that today’s readers love. For more information or to purchase any of the books below, click on the book title or book cover. (Previous months titles can be found on the backlist page.)

— ◊ —

Christmas Peril by Margaret Daley and Debby Giusti

Christmas Peril by Margaret Daley and Debby Giusti

Christmas bells ring with danger in these suspenseful holiday stories.

"Merry Mayhem" by Margaret Daley.

When single mom Annie Coleman unexpectedly arrives in Christmas, Oklahoma, police chief Caleb Jackson suspects she's hiding secrets. He'll be watching her closely. And his protection is just what Annie and her daughter need, as danger has followed them to their new home.

"Yule Die" by Debby Giusti.

It's hardly a happy holiday for medical researcher Callie Evans … until she discovers her ailing patient is her long-lost brother. And he's being watched by undercover police officer Joe Petrecelli. When the trio is abducted by a cadre of bad guys, Joe and Callie will have to fight to keep her brother—and themselves—alive.

— ◊ —

Field of Danger by Ramona Richards

Field of Danger by Ramona Richards

"Who killed my father?"

Eyewitness to a murder, April Presley wants to answer the deputy sheriff's harrowing question. But she can't. She barely caught a glimpse of the crime through the deep Tennessee cornfield, and cannot recall anything to help the investigation. Or can she? Daniel Rivers is certain that April remembers more of his father's death than she realizes. And the killer agrees.

In the race to uncover April's missing memory before the killer finds her, Daniel is the only one she can trust to keep her safe. Yet will he stay by her side when the shocking truth is unveiled?

— ◊ —

Clandestine Cover-Up by Pamela Tracy

Clandestine Cover-Up by Pamela Tracy


The warning is painted bloodred on Tamara Jacoby's door. Who wants the newcomer out of the small Nebraska town? Is the vandal connected to the stalker who drove her away from her big-city life? Tamara reluctantly turns to handsome contractor Vince Frenci, her brother-in-law's best friend. His protective instincts ignited, Vince is ready to battle an unknown enemy and uncover the threat to Tamara's life. But as the truth emerges, it becomes clear that someone wants certain secrets to stay buried …

— ◊ —

Yuletide Protector by Lisa Mondello

Yuletide Protector by Lisa Mondello

Her ex-husband wants her dead? Daria Carlisle can hardly believe it. Detective Kevin Gordon insists it's true … and that it's his fault that her ex is still at large. Which means it's his responsibility to make sure Daria stays safe. So when Daria stubbornly refuses to run scared, Kevin takes on the role of yuletide protector. He knows firsthand that Daria's ex means business. And with Christmas coming, the determined cop intends to give Daria the holiday celebration she deserves—safe and sound by his side forever.

— ◊ —

If you enjoy the suspense books in this series, you can get 2 free Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense books plus 2 free gifts just for giving the automatic program a try. Accepting your two free Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense books and mystery gifts places you under no obligation to buy anything. You may keep the books and gifts and return the shipping statement marked cancel. If you do not cancel, about two months later, and then every other month, eHarlequin will send you four additional Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense books.

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Mysteries on TV: Andy Barker P.I., New This Week on DVD

Mysteries on TV

, your source for the most complete selection of detective, amateur sleuth, private investigator, and suspense television mystery series now available or coming soon to DVD, is profiling one series that has a season DVD being released this week.

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Andy Barker: The Complete Series, a Mystery TV Series
Information on Andy Barker: The Complete Series

was a short-lived series on NBC that starred Andy Richter as the titular character, an accountant who becomes a private investigator when he takes over the office of a former tenant and is mistaken for him when a client needs his help.

Despite an impressive array of writing talent led by Conan O'Brien, and generally positive reviews, only six episodes were filmed. In an unusual move, and in an effort to build word-of-mouth publicity, the network made the series available to view online before it aired the premiere. Unfortunately ratings weren't all that terrific, and the network canceled the series after the fourth episode.

The Andy Barker: The Complete Series DVD set of 2 discs contain the 6 episodes that aired during March and April 2007. Episode titles were variations of classic mystery titles (e.g. "Fairway, My Lovely" and "Dial M for Laptop").

— ◊ —

Visit the Mysteries on TV website to discover more currently available on DVD.

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Mystery Godoku Puzzle for November 16, 2009

A new has been created by the editors of the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books and is now available on our website.

Godoku is similar to Sudoku, but uses letters instead of numbers. To give you a headstart, we provide you a mystery clue to fill in a complete row or column (if you choose to use it!).

Mystery Godoku Puzzle for November 16, 2009

This week's letters and mystery clue:


His short stories include “Of Vice and Men” and “Undercover Cop” (9 letters).

We now have two weeks of our puzzles on one page in PDF format for easier printing. Print this week's puzzle here.

Previous puzzles are stored in the Mystery Godoku Archives.

Enjoy the weekly Mystery Godoku Puzzle from the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books, and Thanks for visiting our website!


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mystery Book Review: Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan

Mysterious Reviews, mysteries reviewed by the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books, is publishing a new review of Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan. For our blog readers, we are printing it first here in advance of its publication on our website.

Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan


Putnam (Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0-399-15563-5 (0399155635)
ISBN-13: 978-0-399-15563-5 (9780399155635)
Publication Date: July 2009
List Price: $24.95

Review: Harry Dolan's extraordinary debut novel, Bad Things Happen, has so many delightful twists and turns that many readers will, upon finishing it, no doubt start over and re-read it just to see what may have been missed the first time through.

The man who calls himself David Loogan is introduced on the first page as someone who doesn't want to be familiar. Nondescript. Unmemorable. Living alone in Ann Arbor (Michigan), and as a way to pass the time, he submits a short story to a local mystery magazine, Gray Streets. The publisher, Tom Kristoll, recognizes his talent and hires him to be an editor. The two become close friends ... then one night Tom asks Loogan to help him bury a body. Loogan doesn't ask any questions -- he's trying to remain relatively anonymous himself -- but can't help but get involved when Tom's body is later found at the base of his office building, an apparent suicide. The investigating officer, Elizabeth Waishkey, suspects Loogan knows more about Tom's death than he initially lets on. That Loogan was having an affair with Tom's wife is certainly suspicious. But Loogan also has doubts about the mysterious circumstances surrounding how Tom died. And about that body they buried together: who was it, how did he die, and does his murder(?) have anything to do with Tom's death?

It is often tricky reviewing a book as intricately plotted as Bad Things Happen without revealing too much. As much as the mystery seems to revolve around Tom, the dead and buried body, and Tom's subsequent demise, it is impossible to lose sight of the fact that just who exactly is the man who calls himself David Loogan remains an unknown as well. And maybe more importantly, what role is he playing in the book? Is he a culprit (and if so, of what), or is he a victim? The cat and mouse game between Loogan and Detective Waishkey, especially after a couple more people turn up dead, is marvelously played out, and the conclusion, as befits such a terrific novel, is elegantly clever.

Thoroughly entertaining, Bad Things Happen will certainly be included on, if not at the top of, lists of the best mystery novels this year. It's that good.

Special thanks to Penguin Group for providing a copy of Bad Things Happen for this review.

Review Copyright © 2009 — Hidden Staircase Mystery Books — All Rights Reserved

Buy from

If you are interested in purchasing Bad Things Happen from, please click the button to the right. Bad Things Happen (Kindle edition) is also available. Learn more about the Kindle, Amazon's Wireless Reading Device.

Synopsis (from the publisher): The man who calls himself David Loogan is leading a quiet, anonymous life in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He's hoping to escape a violent past he would rather forget. But his solitude is broken when he finds himself drawn into a friendship with Tom Kristoll, the publisher of the mystery magazine Gray Streets-and into an affair with Laura, Tom's sleek blond wife. What Loogan doesn't realize is that the stories in Gray Streets tend to follow a simple formula: Plans go wrong. Bad things happen. People die.

Elizabeth Waishkey is a single mother. She's also the most talented detective in the Ann Arbor Police Department. But when Tom Kristoll turns up dead, she doesn't know quite what to make of David Loogan. Is he a killer, or an ally who might help her discover the truth? Loogan suspects his friend's death is part of a much larger puzzle, and he's not going to wait for someone else to put the pieces together.

As Loogan and Elizabeth navigate their way through Kristoll's world, they find no shortage of people with motives for murder, from a young graduate student obsessed with Laura Kristoll to a trio of bestselling writers, all of them with secrets they don't want uncovered. But as the deaths start mounting up-some of them echoing stories published in Gray Streets-Loogan begins to look more and more like the most promising suspect. Soon it becomes clear that only Elizabeth can find the path to solving both the murders and the mystery of Loogan himself.

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eHarlequin Silhouette Romantic Suspense Titles for December 2009

Sparked by danger, fueled by passion, has released the December 2009 titles in their Silhouette Romantic Suspense series. Let yourself be swept away with characters who fall in love under larger-than-life circumstances. In Silhouette Romantic Suspense, suspense, emotion and glamour combine to create these highly charged books! For more information or to purchase any of the books below, click on the book title or book cover. (Previous months titles can be found on the backlist page.)

— ◊ —

The Cavanaugh Code by Marie Ferrarella

The Cavanaugh Code by Marie Ferrarella

While searching for clues in a murder victim's apartment, Detective Taylor McIntyre stumbles upon an intruder. Thinking she's got her killer, Taylor handcuffs him to a railing. The next morning, she's shocked when she runs into her "fugitive" at the police precinct. Even more infuriating is her undeniable attraction to him.

Private investigator J. C. Laredo finds Taylor's tough-as-nails demeanor a turn-on. And her stubborn refusal to accept his help in the murder investigation doesn't deter him. He always gets what he wants. But as the body count rises, J.C. and Taylor must race to find a twisted serial killer—before he finds them …

— ◊ —

Seduced by the Operative by Merline Lovelace

Seduced by the Operative by Merline Lovelace

For psychologist Claire Cantwell—code name Cyrene—the stakes couldn't be higher. Tapped for a top secret mission for the president, the OMEGA covert operative needed the unique expertise of a man with whom she'd shared danger—and her bed.

Lethally attractive special ops agent and ultrasuave diplomat Luis Esteban wanted more than Claire was ready to give. Now, with their very survival at stake, Claire has to trust Luis with her life…even if that means surrendering the one thing she vowed never to give: her heart.

— ◊ —

The Soldier's Secret Daughter by Cindy Dees

The Soldier's Secret Daughter by Cindy Dees

Dashing spy Jagger Holtz lived in a world of danger. Not even a sweet brown-eyed siren alone on New Year's Eve could be trusted, especially when he had to bring down her employer. Somehow Emily Grainger broke through his defenses—and set him up for two years of torturous captivity. Or so he thought.

Emily hadn't expected a cryptic message to lead her to rescue the man who'd disappeared after their night of passion. Nor had she known that he'd been held prisoner all that time and believed that she was responsible. Despite the suspicion, they must work together to stop the threat against them…and protect their precious daughter.

— ◊ —

Protecting Their Baby by Sheri Whitefeather

Protecting Their Baby by Sheri Whitefeather

It happened one night—a few hours of blissful passion that left Lisa Gordon pregnant with Rex Sixkiller's baby. And now her unborn child was in grave danger. She needed Rex more than ever.

A decorated soldier, Warrior Society activist and member of the Cherokee nation, Rex would do anything to keep Lisa and their child safe … even if that meant temporarily moving in with them. His P. I. instincts on red alert, nothing prepared Rex for the desire reigniting between them. He wanted to get to know the woman whose survival depended on him. But an explosive secret in Lisa's past could destroy their chance for a future …

— ◊ —

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