Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New This Week: In Crime, A Kat Makris, Greek Mafia Mystery by Alex A. King

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In Crime by Alex A. King

In Crime by Alex A. King

A Kat Makris, Greek Mafia Mystery (4th in series)

Publisher: Citizen A Press

Price: $2.99 (as of 08/17/2016 at 4:30 PM ET).

In Crime by Alex A. King, Amazon Kindle format

See all four mysteries in the Kat Makris Series for $3.99 or less each on Kindle. The 1st book in the series, Disorganized Crime, is currently FREE!

Heir to Greece's biggest crime family Kat Makris' life is scheduled to explode when she's catapulted into a counterfeiter's deadly path …

After a covert attempt to buy Marika a pregnancy test fails, everyone in Greece wants to know who is the father of Kat's baby? If a rampant case of mistaken pregnancy isn't bad enough, an encounter with Greece's National Intelligence Agency turns sour fast, and soon Kat finds herself stuck in Naples, Italy, with a probably-pregnant Marika and a crime lord's nephew for company. No money. No food. Working cellphone? Fuggedaboutit. What they do have is a gun, thanks to their new — and suspect — guardian angel, a hobo with urinary issues and what used to be a very nice coat.

There's no way out of Naples; not in their condition. Not unless Kat can scrounge up some intelligence — which is even more difficult than it sounds, given the company she's keeping — for the NIS. Unfortunately the way out involves a deadly game of cops, forgers, and bakers.

Hot cop Detective Nikos Melas can't save her, and the equally tasty, far more deadly Xander is busy watching over Grandma, who is in the hospital after a table-dancing incident gone awry. Which leaves Kat on her own, more or less, to strike a deal with Mario Fontana, a criminal with Camorra connections … and a professional relationship with Kat's missing father.

In Crime by Alex A. King

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