Friday, September 27, 2013

Telemystery: Foyle's War Season 7 Concludes on Sunday

Telemystery: Mystery and Suspense on Television

The seventh season of Foyle's War comes to a close on Sunday, September 29th, on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery!

In an episode titled "Sunflower", Foyle is given the distasteful task of protecting art historian Professor Peter Van Haren, an undercover ex-Nazi and a valuable MI5 intelligence asset against the Russians. But when Van Haren lectures a group of students on the self-portraits of the artist Rembrandt, his presence causes a young man to suffer a frightening flashback which ends in tragedy.

Of the three episodes in this season, this one is the least satisfying (in our opinion) though still pretty good. (We received a DVD set of the season from Acorn Media for review and thus have already seen this episode. Look for our review of the set next week.) For starters, it's never made quite clear to Foyle (and hence to us) why Peter Van Haren is so important to MI5; "the greater good" is about all he gets by way of explanation. Then there are the two storylines that never come together — as most of them do, and usually in a most unexpected manner, in the best episodes of this series. Finally, and while this comment isn't directly related to what airs, this should have been the episode that explains what went on while Foyle was in America. Maybe we'll never learn, but having to wait at least a year to find out is far too long.


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