Sunday, August 25, 2013

A New MystereBook: That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere

New MystereBooks (Mystery eBooks)

Here is a mystery, suspense, or thriller ebook that we recently found by sleuthing (as it were) through new or recently reissued titles from independent publishers …

That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere is the second mystery in this "fashionable" series featuring interior decorator — and Doris Day movie fan — Madison Night.

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That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere

That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere
A Madison Night, Mad for Mod Mystery
Publisher: Polyester Press

When mid-century modern interior decorator Madison Night receives a five thousand dollar bill in the mail, she knows it's a message from her past. Watching Doris Day movies helps with inspiration for her business, but her favorite actress can't help when Madison's lover comes back.

After finding a corpse at a local numismatist, she follows a circuit of rare dollars and common sense to expose a kidnapping plot, a counterfeit operation, and the true price of her independence.

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