Sunday, May 13, 2012

Telemystery: CBS Orders 3 and Cancels 3 Prime Time Crime Series

Telemystery: Mystery and Suspense on Television

The last of the networks, CBS, announced today what series they were ordering, renewing, and canceling for the 2012 Fall season.

Among the new series are Elementary (Sherlock Holmes in contemporary New York City), Vegas (based on the story of Ralph Lamb, who became the sheriff of Clark County Nevada in the 1960s), and Golden Boy (one cop's rise from officer to police commissioner). We're disappointed to see that Applebaum, based on the "Mommy Track" mysteries by Ayelet Waldman, didn't make the cut.

Renewals include CSI: NY, which apparently was doubtful … and was considered a toss-up with its franchise mate from Florida as to which to keep. Speaking of which …

The long-running CSI: Miami has been canceled as well as newcomers NYC 22 and Unforgettable.

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