Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Special Offer: Three eMysteries by J. T. Ellison at Discounted Prices

All the Pretty Girls by J. T. Ellison

We've taken to updating our Kindle Mysteries for $2.99 or less webpage on Saturdays, but we wanted to let you know about this special offer today … just in case it's only available for a day or so.

Mira Books has discounted ebook editions of the first three titles in "Taylor Jackson" mystery series by J. T. Ellison to just $1.99 (as of the date and time of this post). We don't know how long they will be available at this price — we couldn't find any information about this deal on either the publisher's or author's website — so please confirm the price before checking out. The price displayed on the vendor website at the time of purchase will be the price paid for the book.

The three titles are …

All the Pretty Girls (1st in series: Kindle; NookBook; iTunes): When a local girl falls prey to a sadistic serial killer, Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her lover, FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin, find themselves in a joint investigation pursuing a vicious murderer. The Southern Strangler is slaughtering his way through the Southeast, leaving a gruesome memento at each crime scene — the prior victim's severed hand.

Ambitious TV reporter Whitney Connolly is certain the Southern Strangler is her ticket out of Nashville; she's got a scoop that could break the case. She has no idea how close to this story she really is — or what it will cost her.

As the killer spirals out of control, everyone involved must face a horrible truth — that the purest evil is born of private lies.

14 (2nd in series: Kindle; Nookbook; iTunes): Ten victims, each with pale skin and long dark hair. All have been slashed across the throat, the same red lipstick smeared across their lips.

In the mid-1980s the Snow White Killer terrorized the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. Then suddenly the murders stopped. A letter from the killer to the police stated that his work was done.

Now four more bodies are found, marked with his fatal signature. The residents of Nashville fear a madman has returned, decades later, to finish his sick fairy tale. Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson believes the killings are the work of a copycat killer who's even more terrifying. For this monster is meticulously honing his craft as he mimics famous serial murders … proving that the past is not to be forgotten.

Judas Kiss (3rd in series: Kindle; Nookbook; iTunes): It was a murder made for TV: a trail of tiny bloody footprints. An innocent toddler playing beside her mother's bludgeoned body. Pretty young Corinne Wolff, seven months pregnant, brutally murdered in her own home.

Cameras and questions don't usually faze Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson, but the media frenzy surrounding the Wolff case is particularly nasty … and thorough. When the seemingly model mommy is linked to an amateur porn Web site with underage actresses and unwitting players, the sharks begin to circle.

The shock is magnified when an old adversary uses the sexy secret footage to implicate Taylor in a murder — an accusation that threatens her career, her reputation and her relationship.

Both cases hinge on the evidence — real or manufactured — of crimes that go beyond passion, into the realm of obsessive vengeance and shocking betrayal. Just what the networks love.


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