Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sherlock Wins 2012 BAFTA Supporting Actor Award


The 2012 BAFTA Television Awards were handed out this evening and we are absolutely thrilled that Andrew Scott won the Supporting Actor award for his electrifying performance as James Moriarty in Sherlock. (We had hoped to have our review of the second season up by now, but suffice it to say that the third episode, "The Reichenbach Fall", is made all the more exceptional by Scott's brilliant portrayal of Sherlock's arch-nemesis.)

It is a tad disappointing that this was the only award won by the series. Benedict Cumberbatch — who plays Sherlock Holmes in the series — lost to Dominic West (Appropriate Adult) and Martin Freeman — John Watson — lost to Andrew Scott. The series itself was not even nominated in the Drama category, something we're still having a hard time coming to terms with … and we're here in the US!

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