Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Special Offer for Buyers of David Swinson's A Detailed Man

A Detailed Man by David Swinson

For the next three days, from April 10th through 12, 2012, former Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department detective and current crime novelist David Swinson is participating in a special promotion for buyers of his debut thriller A Detailed Man.

Purchase the trade paperback edition of his book from Amazon.com and receive in return over 40 special offers, ranging from free ebooks to discounts on dozens of products and services.

Once you have completed your purchase, go to DavidSwinson.com and fill out the Redemption Form available on the site. You will receive coupon codes for the special offers by return e-mail. (You can find a list of all offers on the author's site, which also has all the specific details for the promotion.)

About A Detailed Man: Half of DC Police Detective Ezra Simeon's face is immobilized from a persistent case of Bell's Palsy — he must drink through a straw and eat carefully to avoid chewing through his own cheek. He has been detailed from robbery to the cold case department while he heals. "How odd to dream with one eye open, like having one foot in reality," Sim muses in the dark, bluesy vein that is typical of his Chandler-esque narration. "That's what makes dreaming dangerous and why I moved my gun farther from the bed." Detective Simeon's half-frozen world begins to heat up when a friend from his Academy days drops dead of a heart attack, and Sim is tapped to replace him, detailed now to homicide, where he inherits the high-profile case of a murdered escort he alone thinks may be the victim of a serial killer.


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